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Eastern Visayas wage board grants minimum wage increase

Eastern Visayas wage board grants minimum wage increase

The Eastern Visayas wage board has issued a wage increase of P50 for workers and P500 for Kasambahays. Photo: DOLE-RO8

TACLOBAN CITY – The Regional Tripartite Wages and Productivity Board (RTWPB) in Eastern Visayas has issued a new wage order that will be effective fifteen (15) days after its publication in a general circulation newspaper.

Wage Order No. RB VIII-22, titled "Providing for a Minimum Wage Increase in Region VIII," provides for a wage increase in two installments. The first tranche is P25 per day upon implementation, and the second tranche is P25 per day beginning January 2, 2023.

The new minimum wage rate is P25 under Section 2 of the new wage order for non-agriculture and agriculture, retail/service employing 11 to 30 workers, retail/service employing 10 workers, and cottage/handicraft.

With the aforementioned increases, the new minimum wage rates are as follows: P350 for non-agriculture, which includes retail/service employing 11 workers and above; P320 for retail/service employing 10 workers and below; cottage/handicraft, and agriculture.

Section 3 of the new wage order stated that the wage increase prescribed shall be for normal working hours of no more than eight (8) hours per day.

Meanwhile, Kasambahays in Region 8 will receive a P500 monthly wage increase under Wage Order No. RBVIII-DW-03, titled "Providing for Minimum Wage Rate Increase for Domestic Workers in Region - VIII." 

Section 1 specifies the monthly minimum wage rate for Kasambahays as P5,000 for those working in Chartered Cities and First Class municipalities and P4,500 for those working in other municipalities.

The Wage Order shall only apply to all domestic workers, whether live-in or live-out, including but not limited to:

(a) General househelp;
(b) Yaya;
(c) Cook;
(d) Gardener;
(e) Laundry person; and
(f) Any person who regularly performs domestic work in one household on an occupational basis.

The following are not covered: 

(a) Service providers;
(b) Family drivers;
(c) Children under the foster family arrangement; and
(d) Any other person who performs work occasionally or sporadically and not on an occupational basis.

Section 3 requires domestic workers to be paid in cash at least once a month. Other than those required by law, no deductions shall be made.—iTacloban 

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