A Step-by-Step Guide to Voting in the Philippines' 2022 Elections

A Step-by-Step Guide to Voting in the Philippines' 2022 Elections

Learn how to prepare for and participate in the National and Local Elections in the Philippines, which will take place on May 9, 2022.

For many first-time voters, the election season can be intimidating and perplexing. Most new Filipino voters have a lot of questions before the election date (May 9, 2022), which is only two weeks away.

These questions include, "What should I do during the elections?" "What is my voting precinct number?" and "Who is the best candidate to vote for?" Some first-time voters are nervous since their anxious about what to do during the Election day and concerned about whether their preferred candidates are the best ones to vote for.

You should not be worried because you will learn what to do before Election Day. COMELEC has also provided the necessary steps to take before and on Election Day. Continue reading for more information.

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What to do before Election Day?

As we mentioned in the previous guide, "COMELEC Precinct Finder: How to Find Voting Precinct Online," here is what you can do before election day, May 9, 2022:

Understand the platform as well as the Candidates.

Understand each candidate's platform to choose the most qualified candidate you believe will perform well in the position they are applying for. Attending the miting de avances allows you to observe candidates' interactions with voters and how they treat other candidates in their speeches and pronouncements.

Take part in voter education.

Participate in voter education efforts and educate the general public on the importance of voting for the most qualified candidate with the best platform for Filipinos and their families. Real-time updates from the candidates on their social media platforms will give you a better understanding of the candidates and their campaign promises, which will help you make your decision.

Look up your voting precinct number.

Because some voters, particularly the elderly and first-time voters, may not have access to the internet or don't know how to check for their voting precinct number. It is important to assist them in learning their precinct numbers. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.

To verify the precinct number, you may use the Comelec's Precinct Finder portal once available to the public.

Assist other voters.

If you know someone registering to vote for the first time, you can inquire whether they would like a companion to accompany them to the polling place on Election Day. This will make them feel less anxious.

Illiterates, PWDs, and senior citizens may request assistance in preparing their ballots. Assistors can be relatives up to the first cousin, confidants from the same household, and EB members.

Steps on How to Vote for the May 9, 2022, National and Local Election:

(Source: COMELEC)

Since you are a first-time voter, you must prepare for the election on May 9, 2022. The COMELEC has already provided instructions on how to vote on election day. Voting is open from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.  

You may read below for the step-by-step guide with added information about the voting process:

Step 1 – Have your temperature checked.

Before entering the voting center, voters must submit a temperature check. If your temperature is still 37.5°C or higher on the second reading, or you have COVID-19 symptoms, you will be asked to vote in the Isolation Polling Place, or IPP.

Step 2 – Proceed to the Voter’s Assistance Desk (VAD).

Following the temporary check, voters must go to the Voters' Assistance Desk (VAD) to obtain their precinct and sequence numbers and their designated clustered precinct.

If you don't know your precinct number, you must arrive early at the polling place and check the voter list, which is posted next to a precinct's door. You may also read the "COMELEC Precinct Finder (2022): How to Find Voting Precinct Online?" article.

Step 3 – Go to your polling precinct.

Proceed to your assigned room and notify the Electoral Board of your name, precinct, and sequence numbers. You can also show your voter's identification documents so that they can quickly check your name on the list of voters.

Note: If voting takes place on the upper floor of a multi-story building or in a single-story voting center, an Emergency Accessible Polling Place, or EAPP, will be set up for PWDs, senior citizens, and heavily pregnant women.

Step 4 – Get your ballot.

Take your ballot, ballot secrecy folder, and marking pen to the voting area and complete the ballot. This is why you should prepare a list of candidates for whom you will vote so that you don't have to spend too much time filling out the ballot.

Step 5 – Accomplish the ballot.

Complete the ballot by shading the oval that appears before the candidate's name. Do not vote excessively. Follow the instructions on the ballot since the numbers of candidate you need to vote for a particular position (e.g., senator, councilors) is listed there.

Step 6 – Feed the ballot into the VCM.

Feed the ballot into the Vote Counting Machine (VCM). There will be an officer that will assist you. Just make sure that they won't tamper with the ballot before entering it into the VCM.

Step 7 – Check your voter receipt.

Examine your voter receipt before placing it in the receptacle. The information from your vote will be reflected on the voter receipt.

Step 8 – Have your right forefinger nail stained.

Have your right forefinger nail stained with a spot of indelible ink. This will prove that you have already voted and exercised your right to choose the candidate who will serve our country!

Calendar of Activities in Relation to the 2022 National and Local Elections

(Source: COMELEC)

Date Activities
January 9 - June 8, 2022 Election Period, Gun Ban
February 8 - May 7, 2022 Campaig Period for National Positions
March 25 - May 7, 2022 Campaig Period for Local Positions
April 10 - May 9, 2022 Overseas Voting Period
April 27 - 29, 2022 Local Absentee Voting Period
May 8 - 9, 2022 Liquior Ban
May 9, 2022 Election Day

Other Information You Need to Know:

  • Voting hours vary. Local voters cast ballots from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m., while Persons Deprived of Liberty cast ballots from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. However, local absentee voting is available from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on April 27, 28, and 29. Overseas voting hours may vary by voting location.
  • Express lane for PWDs, senior citizens, etc. Every polling location will have an express lane for people with disabilities, senior citizens, heavily pregnant women, escorted PDL voters, and indigenous people. They will be able to vote as soon as they arrive on election day.
  • Follow health and safety protocols. On election day, minimum public health standards will be strictly enforced. Wear a face mask, wash your hands frequently, and keep a one-meter physical distance.
  • Liquor is banned. The consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited. It is not permitted to consume alcoholic beverages prior to and on election day (May 8-9, 2022.)


Relax and enjoy the anticipation of Election Day. Do not create a toxic environment for others because of your preferences. Instead of that, engage in a constructive debate.

Organize your thoughts on the candidates you want to vote for ahead of time, so you don't waste time filling out the ballot when you get to the polling precinct. Voters who are waiting for their turn in the voting center outside the precinct will be relieved of their frustration due to this. —AJ Yes

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