How to Get Aklan OHDC QR Code via 'Tourist Boracay' Portal

How to Get Aklan OHDC QR Code via 'Tourist Boracay' Portal

Those visiting Aklan Province or Boracay Island must have an Aklan OHDC QR Code, which can be obtained through the 'Tourist Boracay' portal. Find out how here.

(UPDATED) The Provincial Government of Aklan updated its guidelines on obtaining an Online Health Declaration Card (OHDC) QR Code on January 9, 2022.

When visiting Aklan Province and its premier tourist destination, Boracay, the OHDC QR Code or Aklan QR Code is required. The Aklan Provincial Information Communications Technology Office and the Aklan Provincial Tourism Office developed said system to provide an effective contact tracing system.

All individuals entering Aklan Province and its municipalities must follow the OHDC procedures. It must be presented at the province's major airports and seaports, namely Kalibo Airport, Caticlan Airport, Caticlan Jetty Port, and Tabon Port.

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What is Aklan OHDC QR COde?

Aklan OHDC QR Code, or AkQuire (Aklan Quick Response For Tracing & Monitoring)  QR Code, serves as an online contact tracing and health declaration card for those coming in and out of the Province and Boracay Island.

It has been used since December 2021 as the Province of Aklan's official contact tracing system. Individuals can sign up at to get an Aklan OHDC QR Code.

Who is required to get an Aklan OHDC QR Code?

All tourists, returning residents, and travelers entering Aklan must obtain a "Quick Response" (QR) Code via the Online Health Declaration Card (OHDC), which can be obtained at or

What are the requirements to get an Aklan QR Code?

The requirements differ depending on the type of person entering Aklan Province (returning residents, ROFs/OFWs, travelers, foreign and domestic tourists). However, before registering for an Aklan OHDC QR Code, individuals must ensure that they have digital copies of the following documentary requirements on their device:

  1. Identification and proof of residency in the Philippines (Passport for foreign nationals, overseas Filipinos, and returning OFWs).
  2. Proof of vaccination status for vaccinated individuals or RT-PCR Negative Result Certificate (saliva, nasopharyngeal, or oropharyngeal) with extraction date within 72 hours of travel for unvaccinated individuals.
  3. A copy of a confirmed booking slip/form from a Boracay Island accommodation establishment that is DOT-Accredited.*
  4.  Round-trip flight or travel information.**

*In the absence of a booking, Aklanon tourists residing in Aklan should use the Certificate of Undertaking (Accommodation) template.
**Tourists from Western Visayas and those who live in Aklan:
If you are using a private vehicle, upload a photo of your license plate on the OHDC application form.
If you plan to take public transportation, use the Certificate of Undertaking for (Travel Details) template.

How do I get a QR code for Aklan?

Individuals must go to and select their category to obtain an Aklan QR Code (AKLAN for returning Aklanons and BORACAY for tourists). Fill out the required fields and upload any required documents. After submitting your information, you will automatically receive your QR Code (for Aklanons).

You may also follow the steps below:

1. Open your browser and go to

Individuals must register for an Aklan OHDC QR Code by visiting the Tourist Boracay portal at It can be accessed via mobile or desktop devices. Android users may use Chrome/Edge to avoid errors when navigating the website, and iOS users may use Safari.

2. Select your category from the options

There are two options on the Tourist Boracay portal's homepage: AKLAN (for Aklanons and domestic travelers) and BORACAY (for tourists). You must select your category. Take note that Aklanons may receive their QR Code immediately, whereas tourists may receive their generated QR code, but it will take 12 hours or more for their documents to be validated. 

Note: If you are a returning Aklanon (including returning overseas Filipinos and OFWs), a traveler (not a Boracay tourist), or an employee or worker in Aklan Province, click AKLAN.

If you are a foreign tourist or a local tourist (including Aklanons) visiting Boracay, click BORACAY.

3. Choose your mode of transportation

This option is only available if you select "AKLAN" from the options. You must choose your mode of transport for your trip to Aklan. If you are a worker and an individual residing in Aklan, you may continue with your Aklan OHDC QR Registration by selecting "Land."

For tourists, once you select BORACAY from the category on the 'Tourist Boracay' portal, you will be immediately redirected to the OHDC application form.
4. Fill out all necessary information and upload requirements

Individuals must first complete the OHDC (Online Health Declaration Card) form to obtain their Aklan QR Code. They must also upload the required documents, such as digital copies of their valid identification card or passport, travel/flight details, vaccination card, or a negative RT-PCR test result.

After completing the form, they must click the "Submit" button to proceed.

5. Generate your QR Code automatically

Once the registration is completed, the Aklan OHDC QR Code will be automatically generated for residents and non-residents in the province (including travelers, workers, and returning residents). For tourists going to Boracay, you will receive a QR code, but your documents are still subject to review. 

Note: To avoid delays, apply for OHDC ONLY ONCE at least twenty-four (24) hours before your flight. If you file multiple applications for the same person with the same travel date, you may encounter issues with your QR Code. 

Because of the volume of applications received by the portal, processing cannot be guaranteed if the documents are submitted six (6) hours before the flight. The validation team also confirms the RT-PCR results with the laboratories, which takes time.

 Send only authentic documents, as falsification is illegal and punishable by law.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Aklan QR Code and 'Tourist Boracay' portal:

How do I fill out my Boracay health declaration?

To access the 'Tourist Boracay' portal and complete your Boracay Health Declaration form or OHDC, you must first visit Once on the homepage, select "BORACAY" from the options.

Simply complete the form and include all required information, such as your full name, residence address, travel details, and any other pertinent information. 

Once completed, upload a digital copy of all required documents, including identification/passport information, booking details, roundtrip flight information, and vaccination card or RT-PCR negative test result.

How do I find my Aklan QR Code?

To find your Aklan QR Code, you must sign up first at the "Tourist Boracay" portal and complete the registration process. After you complete the registration, you will receive the generated QR Code to save.

How do I get a tourist QR code in Boracay?

You must first sign up at the "Tourist Boracay" portal and complete the registration process before you can find your Aklan QR Code. After completing the registration process, you will automatically receive a generated QR Code, which you must save.

Is RT-PCR test required in Boracay?

If you are not fully vaccinated, you must have a negative RT-PCR test. You must also ensure that the result was obtained within 72 hours of your departure date.

How does Aklan QR Code work?

The Aklan OHDC QR Code, also known as the AkQulre OHDC QR Code, serves as the Province of Aklan's contact-tracing system. It is generated automatically after the registration process is completed.

Although documents are still subject to review upon receipt, those traveling to Aklan can use them immediately. All Tourists, Returning Aklanons, and Travelers are expected to attach correct and authentic documents as specified. Otherwise, the auto-generated QR Codes will be rendered invalid.

Where is Aklan QR Code used?

According to the most recent Executive Order of the Provincial Government of Aklan (E.O. 009-S2022), the Aklan/AcQuire QR Code must be used at:

  1. Before boarding, all commercial and chartered airlines must scan a screenshot of the QR Code or a copy of the OHDC of their passengers.
  2. Before issuing a Certificate of Landing, all companies providing helicopter and/or seaplane services to Boracay Island must submit copies of their passengers' OHDC QR Codes. Upon disembarkation, all Helipad Operators are required to scan a screenshot of the QR Code or a copy of the OHDC of their passengers.
  3. Before availing of services, all business establishments on Boracay Island must scan a screenshot of the QR Code or a copy of the OHDC of their guests. They are also permitted to apply for OHDC on behalf of their clients.
  4. Boracay Island lodging establishments are urged to assist their guests in obtaining an OHDC QR code.
  5. All ports of entry and exit to and from Boracay Island must scan a screenshot of the QR Code or a copy of the OHDC of all port users.

Are minors allowed to enter Aklan/Boracay?

Minors are allowed to enter Aklan Province and Boracay Island as long as they accomplish the Certificate of Undertaking (Travelling with Minors) template at

What is the validity of the Aklan OHDC QR Code for tourists?

The OHDC QR Code is valid for twelve (12) hours from the time of departure from the accommodation. If an individual wants to stay longer on Boracay Island, send an email with a new booking slip to

Failure to notify the validator may cause tourists to be delayed in gaining access to services on Boracay Island and exiting the ports.


As the world is still in the grip of a pandemic, a contact tracing system is still useful, especially to avoid another disease outbreak. Residents and non-residents, including tourists visiting Boracay, must have the Aklan OHDC QR Code.

If you have any problems with Aklan QR Code, you can do the following: Send an email to or, or call the numbers of Aklan Assistance Center at (+63)939-878-0715, (+63)975-580-9013, or (+63)995-850-0585 for travel information. —iTacloban

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