Malacañang directs government offices to prepare for PhilSys integration

Government offices have been instructed to incorporate and use the Philippine Identification System (PhilSys) in their processes and services, per the latest directive of Malacañang. Photo: PSA

Malacañang directed all government offices to incorporate and use the Philippine Identification System (PhilSys) in their processes and services.

As per the Memorandum Circular No. 95, which was issued on February 7, 2022, government offices are required to prioritize identifying their processes and systems that can be integrated with PhilSys and developing a plan to implement it.

Integrating the PhilSys Number (PSN), the Philippine Identification (PhilID) card, and other key PhilSys features into government institutions is expected to enable online and paperless transactions and eliminate duplicate records in registries.

Government agencies are tasked with prioritizing the development of their two-year PhilSys Integration Plans, including timelines for integration, accountable units, a budget for implementation, and the incorporation of PhilSys into their strategic plans and programs.

Additionally, agencies must coordinate with the PSA and enter into agreements to ensure the efficient implementation of PhilSys integration, particularly for authentication processes and proper control of the PhilID.

It is hoped that by issuing the directive, all government agencies will be involved in providing continuous, more secure, and faster transactions to all Filipinos who use PhilSys. —Tacloban News Update (Source: PSA)

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