KyusiPass Registration (2023): How to Register and Generate KyusiPass QR Code

KyusiPass Registration (2023): How to Register and Generate KyusiPass QR Code

KyusiPass or QC Pass is the contact tracing solution of Quezon City. Learn how to register for a QR Code here.

(UPDATED) In an effort to boost its contact tracing solutions, the Quezon City government has launched KyusiPass as its official contact tracing app powered by SafePass.

The Quezon City government has been using it in government offices since January 2021, following the passage of Resolution 8416-2020 by the Quezon City Council, which urged the city government to implement a city-wide QR code contact tracing solution.

Through KyusiPass, Quezon city can keep track of who is visiting each establishment within its jurisdiction and will have the ability to contact trace them easily.

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What is KyusiPass?

KyusiPass (also known as QC Pass) is Quezon City's (QC) official contact tracing solution, powered by SafePass. All establishments within the city's territorial jurisdiction are required to use it to scan the quick response (QR) codes of individuals entering their premises.

It was initially implemented in all government offices in Quezon City, with employees required to present QR codes before entering their offices. Meanwhile, all residents and non-residents working or visiting the city must register a QR Code with KyusiPass to proceed to their destination.

What is KyusiPass QR Code?

KyusiPass QR Code, also known as QC Pass QR Code or Kyusi QR Code, is a matrix barcode image generated by KyusiPass. To obtain their unique quick response (QR) codes, residents, workers, and visitors must register through the KyusiPass portal. They can also register via SMS and the SafePass Facebook chatbot.

The use of KyusiPass and its generated QR Code is mandatory in all Quezon City establishments where all individuals are required to present their KyusiPass QR Codes.

What are the requirements to get a KyusiPass QR Code?

Individuals only need a valid mobile number to register on the SafePass-powered portal and obtain a KyusiPass QR Code. They must also have an internet connection and a capable mobile device to access the portal.

In addition, your mobile number will be used to receive an OTP Code and a link to your QR Code.

Where to download or generate a KyusiPass QR Code?

Those who want to generate a KyusiPass QR Code must first create an account at You can easily obtain your KyusiPass QR Code once you have completed your registration. SafePass will send you a text message with the details of your KyusiPass QR ID.

How do I get KyusiPass QR Code?

Residents and non-residents of Quezon City must register at to obtain a KyusiPass QR Code. They must log in with their mobile number and, when prompted, create an account through the portal. After completing their registration, they will receive a text message with a link to their KyusiPass QR Code on their registered mobile number.

You may also follow the easy and simple steps below:

1. Launch your preferred browser and go to 

To begin your KyusiPass registration and get a QR Code, you must open your browser and go to You will be prompted to log in using your mobile number. Enter your mobile number and then check the box to agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policies.

You must also check the box next to the "I'm Not A Robot" text and complete the captcha test. Click on the "Proceed" button to continue.

2. Click the "Create SafePass Account" button

A message will appear informing you that you do not yet have a SafePass Account. To proceed with your registration, click the "Create SafePass Account" button beneath it.

3. Enter the one-time password (OTP) to verify registration

After clicking the "Create SafePass account" button, you will be redirected to the next page where you must enter an OTP code to verify your registration. The 6-digit OTP code is sent via text message, so make sure that you have a valid and active mobile number.

Once you've received the OTP code, enter it and click the "Verify" button to continue your registration and move on to the next page.

4. Set up your account and 4-digit MPIN

Once you're done entering the OTP code you received in your registered mobile number, you must set up your MPIN by entering your full name and preferred 4-digit MPIN. Afterward, you will receive a message that you have successfully created a SafePass or KyusiPass account.

The link to your QR Code will be then sent to the number you used to register.

5. Receive your KyusiPass QR Code instantly

To get your QR Code, you must click the link sent to you by SafePass. After clicking the link, you will be redirected to your SafePass ID containing your KyusiPass QR Code. You can either take a screenshot of it and save it on your device or download the PDF file and have it printed and laminated.

PDF file that shows your KyusiPass QR Code ID.

Note: You can log in at the SafePass portal ( using your mobile number and MPIN to request for Safe Pass by inputting the location ID of the establishment.

Are there other ways to register to KyusiPass?

Yes, there are other ways to register for a KyusiPass account through the SafePass portal. You can either do the two methods below:

Chat with SafePass through Messenger

If you have a Facebook account, go to this link: and chat with them. Let them know that you want to register for a KyusiPass QR Code.

Register through SMS

To register through SMS or text message just text GETQR <space> preferred 4-digit MPIN <space> YOUR NAME and send to 2256722.

Example: GETQR 1234 JUAN DELA CRUZ and send to 2256722

Note: For business establishments in Quezon City, send an email to stating your Mayor's Permit number and name of the establishment.

What happens if I receive a text from KyusiPass?

If you receive a text from KyusiPass, it is likely that you met a positive person in the places you visited on the day mentioned in the text message.

The City of Quezon City's own KyusiPass app is the City's partner in their Contact-Tracing effort. With KyusiPass, the LGU knows where a positive individual went before being isolated.

As a result, if you receive a text from KyusiPass, you should increase your adherence to health protocols to ensure that no infection occurs in your home/area. To assist individuals with the free swab test on their Community-based Testing Site, register at and wait for a call from the LGU.

Where is the KyusiPass QR Code used?

All business establishments in Quezon City are required to use the Kyusi Pass digital contact tracing method for their employees and customers. Insofar as possible, each lessee within a larger establishment (such as individual stores within malls) should have its own KyusiPass contact tracing log.

This means that residents of Quezon City must have a KyusiPass QR Code, which they must present when entering establishments in various areas of the city.


KyusiPass or QC Pass, like other QR Code-based contact tracing systems, is simple to use because you don't have to log in repeatedly to see the QR Code. Instead, the system will send you your QR Code along with an ID that you can print and laminate right away.

KyusiPass employs the SafePass system, which has been endorsed by a number of government organizations including the IATF and the Department of Tourism. As a result, your personal information is absolutely safe in the aforementioned app.

For more information on KyusiPass, call (+63) 948-933-9925 for Smart/TNT users or (+63) 926-708-5472 for Globe/TM users, or send an email to —iTacloban


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