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Malungon QR Code Registration

Malungon QR Code Registration

Going to Malungon, Sarangani? Know the step-by-step guide here on how to get a Malungon QR Code through the MTDC portal.

(UPDATED) If you are a resident or non-resident staying in the town of Malungon in Sarangani Province, you must register for a QR Code.

The Malungon Tracking Data and Control (MTDC) system, launched on August 28, 2020, serves as the province's official contact tracing system. Residents are encouraged to register with to obtain the QR code. Non-Malungon residents who visit the area will also need to register to obtain a QR code due to the town's "No QR Code ID, No Entry" policy.

Aside from the QR code generated by the MTDC system, other quick response codes from different LGUs, specifically Safe Davao QR, CCTS, TAPAT, DVY cares, and SATS can also be used in the town's border entry and exit points.

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What is Malungon QR Code?

Malungon QR Code is a matrix barcode image generated by Malungon's official contact tracing system, the Malungon Tracking Data and Control (MTDC) System for COVID-19, which is often referred to as a modern electronic logbook. It is used by both Malungon residents and non-residents to enter the town and establishments under its jurisdiction.

The Malungon QR Code, provided by MTDC, is an innovative tool for tracking the movement of all residents and non-residents who pass through Malungon's major borders. It is used to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 virus in the municipality through its contact tracing features.

Meanwhile, travelers who have not yet registered with other systems that can be scanned by MTDC may choose to register for a Malungon QR Code.

Where is the Malungon QR Code used?

Malungon QR Code must be presented upon going to establishments under the jurisdiction of the municipality. SCREENCAP: Malungon Information Office/Facebook

According to the Malungon Information Office, the generated QR Code must be presented at border entry and exit points, and establishments such as banks, churches, clinics, convenience stores, public and government offices, hospitals, hotels, and public markets, and supermarkets.

What are the requirements to get a Malungon QR Code?

For residents and non-residents, you need a capable device to access the registration portal at Once you're able to access the website, provide your basic information such as complete name, address, and birthdate. 

Where to download and generate a Malungon QR Code?

To download or generate a Malungon QR Code via the Malungon Tracking Data and Control (MTDC) system, individuals may go to Meanwhile, business owners may also register for an account at the said website to download the scanning app for their establishments.

As of October 1, 2021, the website is unavailable. Travelers may register for other QR Code systems such as Safe Davao QR Code if they go to Malungon, Sarangani since the MTDC can scan different QR codes.

How to register for a Malungon QR Code?

Residents, non-residents, and business owners can register for a Malungon QR Code by visiting and clicking on the "register" button. Afterward, they must select the type of registration they want and fill out the necessary information.

They will be able to download MTDC cards with QR codes once they have completed the registration process. You may also follow the easy and simple steps below:

1. Launch your browser and navigate to

To access the registration portal, navigate to in your web browser's address bar. Android users can use the Chrome browser, while iOS users can use the Safari browser.

2. Select your registration type by clicking on the "register" button

Look for the "Register" button on the homepage and click on it. To begin your registration, select one of the following options: resident, non-resident, or establishment owner.

3. Fill out the registration form with the required information

Once you've decided on your registration type, fill out the necessary information. Residents and non-residents must provide their full name, gender, and address. Click on the "proceed" button to continue with your registration.

Register members of your household who are over the age of 18 but under 65 on the next page. When you're finished, click the "proceed" button once more.

4. Enter the one-time pin (OTP) that was sent to your phone number

After you filled out the registration form, you will receive an OTP code sent to your registered mobile number. Enter it on the required field and then click on the "Submit" button to continue.

5. Download and save the Malungon QR code to your device

Finally, once you've completed all of the steps, you can download your MTDC card containing your Malungon QR Code. After that, save it to your device. You can also have it printed and laminated to easily access your QR code.

The Malungon QR Code is attached to your downloaded MTDC Card.

Residents of Malungon who do not have access to the internet may obtain their MTDC QR cards from their respective Barangay units.

Note: Residents of Malungon who do not yet have a QR Code may seek assistance from their respective barangay halls in order to obtain their MTDC Cards. Meanwhile, non-Malungon residents can use QR codes from other systems, such as Safe Davao QR, CCTS, TAPAT, DVY cares, and SATS.

How does the Malungon QR Code/MTDC works?

Residents and non-residents must register and have their own Quick Response or QR-coded Identification Cards (ID), which must be presented and scanned by authorized personnel at Malungon's entry and exit points. Since Malungon adopted a "No QR Code ID, No Entry" policy, it must also be presented in establishments.

How do I retrieve a lost Malungon QR Code?

For those who have lost their MTDC Cards and QR Code, you may follow the steps below:

1. Go to the MALUNGON.PH web portal and log in.
2. Click the "DOWNLOAD QR" button.
3. Enter your registered phone number.
4. Download your MTDC ID, which contains your QR Code.

Is Malungon QR Code free?

Yes, the Malungon QR Code and the MTDC IDs are entirely free (unless the owner wants to have it laminated in printing shops). Meanwhile, there is no charge for online registration, and users will not be required to pay anything.

What to do if the MTDC website is unavailable?

If the MTDC System is unavailable due to a system upgrade where users might not be able to access the registration portal, individuals can register to other QR Code systems since MTDC is able to scan generated quick response codes from the following platforms:

For further clarifications and inquiries, you can send a message on the Facebook page of the Malungon Information Office or contact the MTDC System hotline at (+63)966-924-5279.


Apart from the generated QR-coded ID, the Malungon Tracking Data and Control (MTDC) system is one of the contact tracing systems in the Philippines with unique features. The MTDC scanning app can read QR code images generated by SafeDavao QR, TAPAT, and South Cotabato CCTS.

It is surprising because it is possible to do this without requiring individuals to register with MTDC; instead, they can use their QR Code.

If all LGUs in the Philippines have QR Code systems like this, where there is no need to register on different portals, it will be easier for people to go anywhere, especially healthcare workers, essential travelers, and authorized persons outside residence (APORs), because they will no longer need to use different QR codes.

All they need is the QR code they have, and it will be of great assistance. —AJ Yes

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