DavOr QR Code Registration: How to Register with Davao Oriental's Contact Tracing App

If you are traveling to Davao Oriental, you must register for a DavOr QR Code. Know the steps here to get a quick response (QR) code through the DavOr-DCTS portal.

Since January 18, 2021, the Provincial Local Government Unit of Davao Oriental (PLGUDavOr) has imposed the full-scale implementation of the Davao Oriental Contact Tracing System (DavOr-DCTS) Quick Response (QR) Code. It is used to boost the province's contact tracing efforts through the DavOr-DCTS web portal.

The generated QR Code from the DavOr-DCTS portal must be presented at the border control points of Davao Oriental province. All establishments such as churches, schools, government, and private offices must provide DavOr QR Code scanning points for individuals who will enter their premises.

Individuals who do not have a DavOr QR code, valid identification card, face mask, and face shield are not allowed to enter any establishments within Davao Oriental. Meanwhile, all LGU and municipalities in DavOr are mandated to use the DavOr QR Code (DavOr-DCTS)system.

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What is DavOr QR Code?

DavOr QR Code is the official COVID-19 contact tracing system of the Province of Davao Oriental, also known as the Davao Oriental Contact Tracing System (DavOr-DCTS) Quick Response (QR) Code

It is a province-wide QR code system which is use to monitor the movement of individuals in Davao Oriental particularly in the City of Mati, Municipalities/LGUs of Baganga, Banaybanay, Boston, Caraga , Cateel, Governor Generoso, Lupon, Manay, San Isidro and Tarragona.

Individuals going to Davao Oriental must first register for a QR Code to enter the province and areas under its jurisdiction.

Where I can download or generate a DavOr QR Code?

To download or generate a DavOr QR Code, an individual just go to the online registration link: https://davorqrcode.com/ and then click on the "REGISTER NOW" button to proceed. Once individuals are redirected to the registration form, they must fill it out and provide the information asked.

Access to the registration link of the DavOr QR Code portal is open 24/7. However, the validation is only available from Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm.

What are the requirements to get a DavOr QR Code?

Individuals who want to have a DavOr QR Code must have a stable internet connection and a capable desktop or mobile device to access the online registration link. Individuals must also provide a digital or scanned copy of any of the following for validation:

  • Gov't issued valid ID;
  • NBI Clearance;
  • PRC ID;
  • SSS ID;
  • Driver's License; and
  • Barangay Certificate with photo.

You must also have a valid email address and active mobile number for validation purposes. Details of your DavOr QR Code registration will be sent to your registered email address.

How do I get a DavOr QR Code?

To get a DavOr QR Code, an individual should go to https://davorqrcode.com/  and click on the "REGISTER" button. They must fill out the registration form and upload the required documents. Once done, those who applied for a DavOr quick response (QR) code must wait 24 to 48 hours for its validation.

You may also follow the steps below to get a DavOr QR Code:

If you're able to open your web browser, type www.davorqrcode.com in the address bar.

Open your web browser and then type www.davaoqrcode.com in the address bar to start your online registration. If you are using a desktop or Android device, you may use a Chrome browser. Meanwhile, iOs users may use the Safari Browser to open the registration link.

2. Click on the "Register Now" button

On the DavOr-DCTS web portal homepage, click on the "REGISTER NOW" button to proceed with your registration.
On the homepage of Davao Oriental Digital Contact Tracing System (DavOr-DCTS) Quick Response (QR) Code, click on the "Register Now" button to proceed with your registration. Make sure also to prepare the scanned copy of the documents required as mentioned here [link].

3. Fill out the registration form

On the registration page, fill out the form with your true and correct information. Upload a scanned copy of the required document afterward. Take note: The image above shows the old registration page that requires submission of the back and front image of a valid ID. 

After clicking the "Register Now" button, you will be redirected to the DavOr QR Code online registration form. You must fill it out and provide the following information:

  • Complete name;
  • Gender;
  • Civil Status; and
  • Complete address.
Ensure that it's your first time registering in the DavOr-DCTS QR Code portal to avoid errors.

Once you are done filling out the form, you must upload a scanned copy of the documents needed for your validation. Click on the "submit" button afterward. You will be redirected to a web page saying that your registration is complete.

If you receive a message that your "Personal information already existed," you must contact the DavOr DCTS hotline at (+63)912-900-0807; (+63)936-329-6002; and (+63)963-940-3669 or email them at davaoqrcode@gmail.com.

4. Wait for your application to be validated

Once you completed filling out the registration form, you must wait for the validation. 

After you completed filling out the DavOr QR Code online registration form, you must wait for the validation. It usually takes 24 to 48 hours for the validation to be completed. You will receive an email once DavOr-DCTS verifies your application.

5. Receive your DavOr QR Code
If the validation is successful, you will receive the DavOr QR Code through your registered email.

Once the validation is done, you will receive an email that your application is approved together with the DavOr QR Code. Download or save the generated quick response (QR) code. It is advisable to print a copy of your DavOr QR Code and laminate it for ease of access.

If your application is denied, you will be notified of the reason, and you will be required to supply lacking information or document.

Actual Davao Oriental (DavOr) QR Code after successful registration on the DavOr-DCTS portal. PHOTO: PLGUDavOr.

Why do we need to use the DavOr QR Code?

If you are a resident or non-resident currently staying in Davao Oriental, you need a DavOr QR Code since it is mandatory. Meanwhile, all establishments (businesses, government, malls, private and public offices) in Davao Oriental must use the said QR Code system.

Individuals who will register for a DavOr QR Code must take note of the following guidelines, according to DavOr-DCTS:

  1. Take a photo of your GOVERNMENT ISSUED ID OR CERTIFICATION (with birthdate, 1x1 ID picture, and address for verification) first before filling in the Online Registration Form to avoid "an uploaded valid IDs" upon registering. Make sure that the image is not over 5MB.
  2. If prompted with "Personal Information Already Exist," please clear the history's browser/cache and use Middle Initials instead of Middle Name upon registering. Use Google Chrome for better results.
  3. If no government-issued ID is available, please secure and use BARANGAY CERTIFICATION with Birthdate, 1x1 ID Picture, Address, and DavOr-DCTS QR Code for purposes indicated.
  4. Please avoid uploading your selfies or selfies holding Valid IDs.
  5. Please take pictures of your Valid IDs clearly.
  6. Please check your EMAIL ADDRESS before clicking submit.
  7. Please do not input the words Province, Municipality/City, Barangay upon registration to avoid overlapping the QR Code.
  8. Do not put N/A or NONE to any of the filling boxes.
  9. Only 15-65 years old are allowed to secure DavOr-DCTS QR Code based on IATF Protocols.
  10. Please be informed that the website davorqrcode.com is only open during weekdays (8AM-5PM) and closes during Holidays and Weekends.
  11. If no attached or has broken/corrupted DavOr-DCTS QR Code image on the email received, please feel free to message DavOr-DCTS, davorqrcode@gmail.com, or davordcts@gmail.com with the screenshot of the email and your Valid ID used.
  12. Please use the address indicated in your Valid ID to be attached to avoid declined registration.
  13. Please be informed that we do not accept Birth Certificates, Student and Company IDs.
  14. We also do not entertain calls via Messenger.
  15. Please check the validity or expiration date of your GOVERNMENT ISSUED ID or CERTIFICATION before registering.


The DavOr-DCTS QR Code registration portal is easy to access, wherein individuals may directly register for a quick response (QR) code. If you are going to Davao Oriental, you must register for a QR Code, and it is advisable to apply three days before your travel.

For other inquiries about the DavOr DCTS QR Code, you may call the following hotline numbers: (+63)965-528-8822; (+63)912-900-0807; (+63)936-329-6002; and (+63)963-940-3669 or email them at davaoqrcode@gmail.com. —iTacloban

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