NMP bestows first batch of IMO MC 6.09 PCG graduates for 2021

NMP bestowed 16 graduates of IMO Model Course 6.09 or Training for Instructors during the commencement program held at the PCG National Headquarters on September 11, 2021. File Photo of NMP.

TACLOBAN CITY – The National Maritime Polytechnic (NMP) bestowed 16 graduates of IMO Model Course 6.09 or the Training for Instructors during the commencement program held at the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) National Headquarters on September 11, 2021, as the forerunner in advancing the country's maritime fleet by upgrading the qualification and training of the maritime faculty and pool of seafarers.

The PCG faculty members took part in the 10-day training course from September 1-11, 2021, as a response to their critical role as mentors and trainers involved in honing and maximizing the potential and capabilities of the men and women of PCG as sea guardians.

Executive Director Joel B. Maglunsod congratulated the graduates and thanked the PCG, led by Commandant CG Vice Admiral Leopoldo V. Laroya, for recognizing NMP's expertise in providing quality training to maritime instructors.

He stated that the 43-year partnerships formed with maritime stakeholders have put NMP at the forefront of developing the nation's maritime manpower.

He also emphasized the importance of training to stay up to date on the latest training techniques and innovations and achieve the prescribed standard of competence for Filipino seafarers.

"We are grateful for NMP and PCG's long-term partnership in both training and research endeavors, where NMP and PCG assist each other in the conduct of joint maritime industry-related researches and the development of new training programs/courses," Maglunsod said.

He reminded the graduates of the importance of remembering the knowledge, skills, and abilities gained as instructors through the IMO MC 6.09, which are critical in transferring knowledge and skills to the next generation of PCG officers who have big dreams.

In his closing remarks, Deputy Commander, Coast Guard Commodore Roben N. de Guzman of the Coast Guard Education Training and Doctrine Command stated that instructors must continually improve their knowledge and skills to perform their duties.

"Continuously improving skills and knowledge is essential to our role as "guro" or teachers and ensure that we have the skills and knowledge needed to create the best for the organization that we work for. As educators, we must be well prepared in advance for our educational goals. To ensure maximum productivity, we must acquire knowledge about everything and anything. We need to specialize and continuously provide learning to our students,"" Commo de Guzman stated.

In addition, in collaboration with NMP, PCG provides ongoing training on the 2nd Batch of IMO MC 6.09 and the IMO MC 3.12, or Assessment, Examination, and Certification of Seafarers. 

Interested stakeholders may visit NMP's official website at www.nmp.gov.ph or the NMP official Facebook page at www.facebook.com/nmptrainingcenter to view and enroll in our courses' training schedules and other announcements relevant to our services.  —Tacloban News Update (Source: NMP)

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