86 individuals affected by pandemic graduates from Tacloban's livelihood program

TACLOBAN CITY — Today, September 23, 2021, 86 graduates from Barangays 39, 68, 79, 98, and other communities received their Certificates of Completion after completing a 15-day Food Processing training at the City Engineer's Office Gymnasium.

In his message to the city, Tacloban Mayor Alfred Romualdez expressed his continued support for the city's projects to improve the lives of all Taclobanons.

Aside from learning new skills, participants were given start-up kits and cash assistance to help them launch their new businesses. The Community Livelihood and Extension Program (CLEP) office will continue to monitor them to track their progress.

Pearl Lachieska Mataro lifted the group's spirits by sharing her experience of completing the same program as they were. Pearl exclaimed with delight that she now earns more than a thousand pesos per day in her current career. Her services are also entirely booked for the upcoming holiday season.

In a brief conversation with CLEP Coordinator Ruena Mate, she informed the City Information Office that she had advocated for the continuation of the training program earlier this year to close the community's employment gap.

Mate encourages anyone interested to come to their office for training schedules and other information. —Tacloban News Update (Source: Tacloban-CIO)

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