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MyCabanatuan QR Code Registration

MyCabanatuan QR Code Registration

If you are traveling to Cabanatuan City, make sure to get your QR Code through the 'MyCabanatuan' app. Know the steps here on how to register for a MyCabanatuan QR Code.

(UPDATED) Cabanatuan is a 1st class component city in the province of Nueva Ecija in Central Luzon. Since November 2020, the local government unit (LGU) of Cabanatuan has required all individuals to use the MyCabanatuan QR app as a means for contact tracing purposes and mitigate the spread of COVID-19 disease.

It began to be used throughout the city in December 2020. Individuals, either resident or non-residents, must present a QR code generated from the app before entering an establishment in Cabanatuan City. Aside from QR Code registration, the MyCabanatuan web portal is also used for businesses to register or renew their permits. 

Currently, Cabanatuan City strictly implements minimum health standards such as wearing face masks and face shields and physical distancing. Meanwhile, establishments in the city are required to carry out the "No QR Code, No Entry" policy, which means that all individuals going to or staying in  Cabanatuan should register for a QR Code.

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What is MyCabanatuan QR Code?

MyCabanatuan QR Code is the quick response (QR) code and contact tracing system of Cabatuan City.  Since December, the said QR code system has been widely used in the City. It was developed by the city government of Cabanatuan.

Establishments such as malls, restaurants, public and private offices, and shops are required by LGU Cabanatuan to use the app. Individuals, either residents or not residents, must have a MyCabanatuan QR Code to travel around the City and enter establishments. 

Where to download or generate a MyCabanatuan QR Code?

To download or generate MyCabanatuan QR Code, you must go to and then click on "DOWNLOAD APP" to get the app and register for a QR Code. You may also download the app here.

Go to the web link provided and click on the "DOWNLOAD APP" button to download the app.

However, an individual may generate a QR code directly through MyCabanatuan's web portal by clicking the "SIGN UP AS USER" button.

To register via the web portal of MyCabanatuan, click on the "SIGN UP AS USER" button.

What are the requirements to get a MyCabanatuan QR Code?

To get a MyCabanatuan QR Code, ensure that you have a stable internet connection to avoid errors while downloading the app or accessing the web portal. Upon registration, you need to provide the following:

  • A valid mobile number; and
  • a photo of the following for uploading:
      • Digital copy of your valid government-issued ID; and
      • a selfie of you holding your valid ID.

How do I get a QR Code for Cabanatuan City?

To get a QR Code for Cabanatuan City, you must go to and download the MyCabanatuan app or click on "SIGN UP AS USER" to register. From there, you must input your valid mobile number to start your registration process.

You may also follow the easy and simple steps below:

Once you go to MyCabanatuan's web portal, you will see many options. Click on "SIGN UP AS USER" to continue. Screengrab: MyCabanatuan QR Code.

To begin your Cabanatuan City QR Code registration through the web portal of MyCabanatuan, you must go to the given link and then click on "SIGN UP AS USER" to proceed. Ensure that you have a valid mobile number since you will need this to get a quick response (QR) code.

2. Input your mobile number for verification

You must input your mobile number to continue. It will also serve as your username once you complete the registration. Screengrab: MyCabanatuan QR Code.

Before you fill out the registration form, you must input your mobile number for verification. You SHOULD wait for the verification to end, and after that, you will be redirected to a fill-out form to continue your registration.

3. Fill out the MyCabanatuan QR Code registration form

After your mobile number is verified, you will be redirected to a registration form that needs to fill out. Screengrab: MyCabanatuan QR Code.

Once you are done with the steps above (Step 1 to 2), you must now fill out the registration form and provide the following details: (1) your password, (2) complete name, (3) age, (4) gender, (5) barangay address (for city residents), (6) full address (for non-residents) and (7) your nationality.

4. Upload necessary documents and agree with the app's policy

Once you're done filling out the registration form, you must now upload the documents required to continue. Screengrab: MyCabanatuan QR Code

After you completed filling out the registration, you must now upload the necessary documents required. You must provide a photo of yourself holding your valid government-issued ID and a photo of your ID.

For 18 years old and above, you must provide an image of your government-issued ID. For students (15 to 17 years old), you can upload an image of your school ID.
Agree with the app's policies by marking the box and click on the "SAVE USER INFORMATION" to continue. Screengrab: MyCabanatuan QR Code.

Once you are done uploading the required documents, you must agree with the policies set by the application and then click on the "SAVE USER INFORMATION" button to finish your registration.

5. Receive your QR Code once registration is approved

Once your registration is approved, you will receive a QR code. Make sure to save your MyCabanatuan QR Code. Screengrab: MyCabanatuan QR Code

Now that you completed the registration process, you must wait 24 to 48 hours for your MyCabanatuan QR Code application to be approved. Once approved, you will receive your QR code by logging in to your account. Just use your registered mobile number as your USERNAME to log in.

Save your QR code on your mobile device or screenshot it. Printing the QR code and having it laminated to avoid inconvenience upon entering establishments or traveling in Cabanatuan City is advisable.

Note: In order for your QR Code application to be approved, make sure that the requirements you upload are correct and clear such as Valid ID with address and birthday, as well as your selfie while holding the ID. Said requirements will be required for VERIFICATION of your information.

Where is the MyCabanatuan QR Code used?

The MyCabanatuan QR Code is used in all the establishments located in Cabanatuan City. All establishments such as malls, shops, restaurants, and offices, either public or privately owned, must use the said contact tracing system.

Individuals who will enter their premises should present their QR codes. Those who don't have a MyCabanatuan QR code will not enter any establishments within the city.

What are the requirements for going to Cabanatuan City?

To enter Cabanatuan City, travelers such as authorized persons outside residents (APORs), returning residents (RRs), and Returning Overseas Filipinos (ROFs) are required to have a MyCabanatuan QR Code. For other requirements, you may check the details below:

Returning Residents

• You must contact your destination barangay in Cabanatuan City. 
• Present your MyCabanatuan Application-generated QR Code.

APORs, ROFs, and non-essential travelers

Below are the requirements according to the Provincial Government of Nueva Ecija upon entering their jurisdiction, including Cabanatuan City:

  • Negative Antigen/Saliva/RT-PCR Test two days before the time of entry;
  • COVID-19 vaccination card issued by a recognized vaccinating establishment showing the holder as fully vaccinated and the name of the vaccine manufacturer;
  • Valid NE-IATF issued border pass; and
  • Valid IATF issued APOR ID/Pass. (As per NE-IATF Resolution No. 2 s. 2021)


It is important to strictly comply with the minimum health standards implemented by each LGUs. Cabanatuan City's MyCabanatuan app is commendable for its unique features of providing a QR code for residents and non-residents of the city. It is also an effective way to minimize the spread of COVID-19 disease through proper contact tracing.

For other information and inquiries about MyCabanatuan QR Code, you may contact them through mobile at (+63) 998-500-2702 and email at —iTacloban

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