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WHERE TO GO? Eiffel Tower in Camp Bryztoff Resort, Dulag, Leyte

WHERE TO GO? Eiffel Tower in Camp Bryztoff Resort, Dulag, Leyte

Be amazed at the Eiffel Tower located in Camp Bryztoff Resort, Dulag, Leyte. An hour's ride away from Tacloban City. Photo by Joel Torres Nicolasora/Facebook.

TRAVEL — Netizens have been amazed at the man-made attraction in Dulag, Leyte, which is a replica of the Eiffel tower situated inside Camp Bryztoff Resort. The Eiffel Tower of Bryztoff is making rounds on social media and has become viral due to its incredible lighting and scenery.

It can easily be visited if you're a local tourist from Tacloban City since it is only an hour’s ride away and perfect for those who want to have a weekend getaway.

Camp Bryztoff Resort is complete with attractions and amenities such as; giant chessboard, ATV, cottages, billiard pool, basketball court, and the viral replica of the Eiffel Tower. 

The resort also offers overnight rooms suitable for couples or families who want to have a staycation or vacation and wish to enjoy a good breeze. The exact location of Camp Bryztoff Resort is at Barangay Rizal, Dulag, Leyte, which you can also see on the map below:

How to get there?


By Air: You can take a plane from Manila or Cebu to Tacloban City. Flights are available year-round through major airlines such as PAL Express, Cebu Pacific, Zest Air, and AirAsia.

By Sea: You can ride a ferry or fast craft from Cebu City to Ormoc or other points in Leyte. Sea transport is available year-round through major shipping lines such as Roble Shipping, 2Go, SuperCat, Trans-Asia, and Cokaliong.

By Land: Aircon and non-aircon buses plying provincial routes are available through bus lines in Manila, Davao, and Cebu City.
Once you’re at Tacloban City, you need to ride a multicab bound to Robinsons Marasbaras. From there, go to Tacloban Transport Terminal Robinsons and ride a multicab going to Dulag, Leyte. Go to the town proper and ride a tricycle or any modes of transportation bound to Barangay Rizal.

Just let the driver know that you’ll be going to Camp Bryztoff Resort. Take note: You must book first before going to the resort. You may book at these numbers, available from Tuesday to Sunday (9 am to 5 pm): 09758182902, 09632652293, 09263948996, and 09317304590.


Amenities of Camp Bryztoff Resort also include a giant chessboard and beautiful triangle-shaped cottages. Photo by CLN Ventures.

What are the requirements to bring?

Upon going to Camp Bryztoff Resort, you still need to comply with the minimum health and safety standards which is why you need to bring the following alongside your booking confirmation and a screenshot of your downpayment:

1.            Health Certificate or Brgy Certificate that you are not a PUI or PUM;
(QR code of Tacloban also acceptable)
2.            Valid Identification card;
3.            Marriage Certificate for couples;
4.            Pen, Facemask holder/case; and
5.            Own selfie stick, life vest, and other personal effects.

The Eiffel Tower of Bryztoff during the day. Photo by Marjin Adriano.

Camp Bryztoff Resort Rates


             Small (5 pax)  - ₱ 800
             Family (8 pax) - ₱ 1,200
             Row cottages (10 pax) - ₱ 1,500
             Umbrella(3 pax) - ₱500
             Beach hut (3 pax)- ₱ 500
             Octagon (6 pax) - ₱1,200
             Octagon (8 pax) - ₱1,500

             Overnight Rooms

                      TPs triangles for 2 pax:
             Double fan room - ₱ 1,400
             King Awith AC -  ₱2,000

             King B with AC - ₱ 2,200

             Kathleen(3 pax) - ₱ 3,800
             Angel (2 pax) - ₱ 3,600
             Native Kubo(fan room):

             Nating(2 pax) - ₱ 1500
             Abdon (2 pax) - ₱ 1500
             Mameng (6 pax) - ₱ 3,000

You may visit Camp Bryztoff Resort's official Facebook page for inquiries and other information:  For pre-booking, you may reach these numbers: 09758182902, 09632652293, 09263948996, and 09317304590. —iTacloban Travel

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