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Translate Waray to Tagalog With These 4 Online Tools

Translate Waray to Tagalog With These 4 Online Tools

With over 3 million speakers, Waray is the primary language in the northern regions of Leyte and Samar provinces. Discover how to convert Waray to Tagalog using these convenient online translator tools.

(UPDATED) Waray, also known as Winaray and Waray-Waray, is among the twelve official languages in the Philippines. It holds the fifth spot as the most spoken language in the country and is indigenous to the Eastern Visayas Region, specifically Region VIII.

This language has various names, such as Samar-Leyte Visayan, Samareño, Lineyte-Samarnon, Binisayâ nga Winaray, Binisayâ nga Samar-Leyte, and Binisayâ nga Waray. It is widely used in the northeastern part of Leyte, the entire Samar Islands, and some parts of Southern Leyte. As of 2015, there were 3.6 million native Waray speakers.

The Waray language has a "standard dialect" used in television and radio broadcasts, which is that of Tacloban City (J.W. Lobel: 2006).

On the other hand, Tagalog is the most widely spoken language in the Philippines, serving as the country's de facto official national language. As of 2019, over 24 million Filipinos speak Tagalog as their first language, and in 2013, around 45 million Filipinos, including the Waray people, spoke Tagalog as a second language.

While Waray speakers can fluently communicate in Tagalog, Tagalog speakers may find it challenging to converse or understand Waray-Waray. Thus, an online translation tool is required to learn the meaning of Waray-Waray words in Tagalog's "salita."

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What are the best online tools to translate Waray to Tagalog?

If you're looking for online tools to translate Waray to Tagalog, there are a few options available that can help you quickly and easily convert phrases or words from one language to the other. Here are some of the best online translation tools to consider:


Glosbe offers the simplest method for translating Waray to Tagalog through its archive. You can effortlessly use it by entering the Waray word you wish to translate into Tagalog.
When looking for an online translator to convert Waray to Tagalog, Glosbe is often the first website to appear on various search engines. This community-based project allows anyone to contribute new entries to its growing archive of Waray words, or "salita," that can be translated into Tagalog.

To use the website, simply enter the Waray word into the search box on Glosbe's homepage. You'll then be able to learn the meanings of various Waray words and phrases in Tagalog. Glosbe's translation sources include Wiktionary, bible translations, and individual contributions.

Corpora Project

The 3NS Corpora project provides a Waray-to-Tagalog translator and can serve as a tool for learning other Philippine languages.

Based on the information available on their website, the 3NS Corpora Project is a database of texts in various languages. The project aims to preserve literature and language, analyze the structure of the studied languages, and classify texts according to comprehension level for use in mother tongue-based multilingual education (MTBMLE).

In addition to being a Waray to Tagalog translator, Corpora Project also offers translation services for other major languages across the Philippines, such as Cebuano (Bisaya), Hiligaynon, Inabaknon, and Chabacano.

Using the Corpora Project is easy - simply scroll below the search bar for your desired language, and you can start translating Waray words to Tagalog or other languages. The platform provides a convenient tool for those looking to translate texts accurately and efficiently.

Google Translate

Although Google Translate is known for providing only Filipino and Cebuano to Tagalog translations, it can also translate Waray to Tagalog indirectly.
Google Translate is a widely used online tool that offers translations in several languages, including Filipino and Cebuano. However, it does not have an option to directly translate Waray words into Filipino or Tagalog. Instead, when you enter Waray text into Google Translate, it automatically detects it as either Filipino or Cebuano.

To translate Waray to Tagalog using Google Translate, you can use Cebuano as a substitute for Waray-Waray and then select Filipino as the language for translation. This will enable you to translate Waray sentences, phrases, or words into Tagalog.

Online translation services

Various websites offer professional online translation services. However, having a friend or a native speaker to guide you in learning the Waray language and translating it into Tagalog is a much better option. If you need assistance translating Waray to Tagalog, you can message iTacloban through Messenger. 

Additionally, this article provides some basic Waray phrases and words that you can use to help you get started.

Basic Waray-Waray phrases/words translated into Tagalog

"If you need help understanding the most common Waray phrases or words you may encounter online or offline, you can refer to the table below for their translations in Tagalog and English.

Waray-Waray Phrases

Waray phrases and words Tagalog salita translation English word translation
Maupay nga aga Magandang umaga Good morning
Maupay nga kulop Magandang hapon Good afternoon
Maupay nga gab-i Magandang gabi Good evening
Kumusta ka? Kamusta ka? How are you?
Maupay man, (salamat) Okay lang ako, (salamat) I'm fine, thank you.
Ano it imo ngaran? Ano ang pangalan mo? What is your name?
____ tak ngaran ____ pangalan ko _____ is my name
Hain/Ngain ine dapit? Saan to makikita? Where I can find this?
Tag pira ine? Magkano ito? How much is this?
Alayon Pakiusap Please
Maupay nga nakilala ko ikaw Mabuti at nakilala kita Nice to meet you
Waray sapayan Walang anuman You're welcome
Maupay, papalita daw Tao po, pabili nga Hello, I would like to buy please
Taga diin ka? Saan ka nakatira? Where do you live?
Diri ako makaintindi hin Waray Hindi ko naiinitindihan ang Waray I can't understand Waray
Ambot/Diri ako maaram Hindi ko alam I like you
Karuyag ko ikaw Gusto kita I love you
Ginhihigugma ko ikaw Mahal kita I love you
Puydi mangaro hin bulig? Pwede mo ako tulongan? Can you help me?
Ano? Ano? What?
Hain? Saan? Where?
San-o? Kailan? (future) When?
Kakan-o? Kailan nangyari? When did it happen
Kay-ano? Bakit? Why?
Gin-aano? Paano? How?


Waray word Tagalog salita translation English Word translation
Usa Isa One
Duha Dalawa Two
Tulo Tatlo Three
Upat Apat Four
Lima Lima Five
Unom Anim Six
Pito Pito Seven
Wal Wal Eight
Siyam Siyam Nine
Napulo Sampu Ten

Family Members

Waray word Tagalog salita translation English word translation
Amay Tatay Ama
Iroy Nanay Ina
Apoy (nga lalaki) Lolo Grandfather
Apoy (nga babayi) Lola Grandmother
Mano/Kuya Kuya Eldest brother
Mana/Ate Ate Eldest sister
Suhag Pinakamatandang kapatid Youngest child
Urupod Kamag-anak Relatives
Ugangan Biyenan Father in Law/Mother in Law
Bayaw Bayaw Brother in Law
Hipag Hipag Sister in Law
Umagad Manugang Son in Law/Daughter in Law
Patud Pinsan Cousing


Using online Waray to Tagalog translators is one of the best methods for non-Waray speakers to learn the Waray-Waray language. However, there are also other alternatives available, such as learning from Waray-speaking friends or relatives and purchasing a Waray to Tagalog dictionary.

If you'd like to try out the online translation tools mentioned in this article, here are some simplified links:

For a more personalized translation service, you can reach out to us, iTacloban, on our Facebook page or Twitter account. We will be happy to assist you in translating Waray to Tagalog. —AJ Yes/iTacloban

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