Tacloban police gifted a thermal bag to a rider who uses an old biscuit container for delivery

(Photo by Khyra Joy Fabricante)

TACLOBAN CITY — A female police officer received various compliments and appreciation from netizens due to the good deed she'd done for a delivery rider in Tacloban City. Police Corporal Kimberly Delos Reyes noticed a post by her friend on Facebook about a delivery rider whose delivery equipment was an old biscuit container, the rider said "Pasensya na po, wala pa po akong thermal bag. Minsan nahihiya ako, pero kelangan kasi walang maiincome. [“I'm sorry, I don't have a thermal bag yet. Sometimes I'm embarrassed (to deliver), but I need an income.]"

PCpl Delos Reyes admired the dedication of the delivery riders who face danger and fatigue, whether it is raining or under intense sunlight. Wanting to help, she posted on her Facebook to find the rider who used the biscuit bag to buy a new thermal bag.

PCpl Kimberly Chan Delos Reyes (right) with delivery rider, Kuya Carlito (left).
The rider was immediately found and she contacted him right away. His name is Carlito, a single-father who strives to live a good and dignified life. He was given a new thermal bag and assorted food grocery items by PCpl Delos Reyes.
Carlito is very happy and also very grateful to PCpl Delos Reyes.
The female police officer, PCpl Kimberly Chan Delos Reyes, is currently assigned to the Tacloban City Police Office Headquarters -Administrative Unit. —Tacloban News Update (Source: Tacloban PNP)

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