Suluan historical marker unveiled in Guiuan, E. Samar

Suluan historical marker unveiled in Guiuan, E. Samar

(Photo by NBQ/E. Samar, PIA)

TACLOBAN— Three very significant historical markers were unveiled in Guiuan, E. Samar on March 16, 17, and 18, 2021. One of them is in Suluan and the other two are in Homonhon Island, both are in the province of Eastern Samar.

The National Historical Commission of the Philippines said that it features a globe as a finial to symbolize the first voyage around the world of humankind through the Magellan-Elcano expedition which further confirmed that the Earth was indeed round.

 Also, the pedestal has a relief depicting the episode of the expedition in a particular site, based on the sketches of muralist Derrick Macutay and executed in dust marble relief by sculptors Jonas Roces and Francis Apiles.

Depicted in the Suluan marker relief is the episode in Suluan in which a group of men riding on a boat saw the expedition approaching the island but ignored them. 

Feared that they would be attacked by the local inhabitants, Ferdinand Magellan, the captain-general of the expedition, decided not to land in Samar but anchored off Suluan instead on 16 March 1521. (NBQ/E. Samar/Philippine Information Agency)

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