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Doctors find 122 nails in abdomen of an Ethiopian man

Doctors find 122 nails in abdomen of an Ethiopian man

More than 100 nails and other sharp objects were extracted by Ethiopian doctors from the abdomen of a man they operated in Addis Ababa.

According to Dawit Teare, surgeon in St. Peter's Specialized Hospital, a 33-year-old patient with mental illness ate the contents they found in his stomach.

It is possible that the patient had been eating the said items for four years when he stopped taking his medications.

The patient is lucky, because his stomach is not injured by the sharp things he have eaten. Because if, for example, his stomach is injured, it is possible for him to get infected and it can also be the cause of his death.

Dawit added that he was not the first patient he handled with mental illness but this was the worst case he had ever encountered. 
The patient is already safe and already recovered after the successful operation.

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