Children express love through #LoveLetterChallenge on Valentine's Day

Children express love through #LoveLetterChallenge on Valentine's Day

MANILA – Save the Children Philippines highlights the #LoveLetterChallenge as a way for children and teens to express their desire for love and understanding from their parents. Through heartfelt letters, participants like Ed and Jane (not their real names) share their hopes for more positive and loving interactions at home.

Ed, one of the participants, expressed his wish for his mother not to shout when she's angry. "I'm grateful I finally got to say what I wanted to say," said Ed. Jane, another participant, expressed her love for her mother despite the times she gets screamed at.

The #LoveLetterChallenge, which took place on February 14, saw hundreds of children and youth from various parts of the country submitting their entries, with more still welcome to join.

Save the Children Philippines advocates for Positive Parenting, emphasizing growth and learning through responsive and intentional care, clear rules, and open communication. According to Atty. Emma Salmani, Advocacy Manager at Save the Children Philippines, Filipino children desire positive change and closer connections with their families without resorting to physical or humiliating punishment.

A recent digital survey by Save the Children Philippines found that most respondents believe that physical or verbal punishment does not ensure children will grow up well-behaved. Over 70% also believe it's possible to discipline children without resorting to punishment.

"We hope parents listen to what children have to say. Our Positive Parenting campaign aims to bring families closer together," said Atty. Salmani. —iTacloban (with reports from Save The Children)

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