Taclobanon wins ASEAN Best Trainer Award

Taclobanon wins ASEAN Best Trainer Award

The DICT-8 Provincial Officer Claire Fernandez was honored at the ASEAN Digital Literacy Programme Impact Forum in Bali. Fernandez (right) alongside Joie Cruz from Limitless Lab, the ADLP implementing partner. Photo: PIA Leyte

TACLOBAN CITY – Claire Fernandez, who serves as the Provincial Officer of the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) for Eastern Visayas, has achieved a significant victory. She emerged as the winner among 1,432 master trainers from 10 ASEAN countries at the ASEAN Digital Literacy Programme (DLP) Impact Forum. The forum was held in Bali, Indonesia on November 14-16, 2023.

Fernandez, a fervent advocate for digital literacy and resilience, clinched the esteemed Best Master Trainer award, competing against participants from ASEAN member states. She showcased exceptional dedication in conducting ASEAN DLP training sessions in various sectors across Eastern Visayas.

Empowering ASEAN communities through digital literacy was the core theme of this year's Impact Forum. The event spotlighted the accomplishments and influence of the two-year program implemented in ASEAN nations.

Collaborating with stakeholders from diverse sectors, Fernandez has facilitated training for over 3,000 individuals from Eastern Visayas' six provinces. Her efforts extend to empowering special needs sectors with digital literacy and fostering informed and engaged citizenship.

Fernandez conveyed her motivation, emphasizing her dedication to aiding others. Acknowledging the vulnerabilities of storing sensitive information online, she felt obligated to safeguard people from potential harm. Serving as a Cybersecurity focal, she finds honor in surpassing set targets and witnessing the positive influence on people's lives.

The ASEAN DLP, aimed at tackling misinformation, received a USD 1.5 million grant from Google.org, led by the ASEAN Foundation. Dr. Piti Srisangnam, the Executive Director, emphasized the pivotal role of DLP beneficiaries in combating online disinformation.

The Impact Forum, graced by ASEAN Secretariat representatives, Google, UNESCO, and VERA Files, underscored the program's substantial impact on ASEAN nations. Fernandez's sustained program implementation beyond its original timeframe was instrumental in her selection for the prestigious award. — iTacloban (Source: PIA Leyte)

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