CLEP rolls out skills training sessions in Tacloban barangays this September

CLEP rolls out skills training sessions in Tacloban barangays this September

CLEP announces September schedule for skills training sessions in city barangays, offering food processing, cosmetology opportunities, and more.

TACLOBAN CITY – The Community Livelihood and Extension Program (CLEP) recently announced its September schedule for training sessions to promote skill development and livelihood enrichment in city barangays. Food processing, cosmetology, reflexology, haircutting, bartending, and dressmaking are all included in the initiative.

The food processing and baking classes began on September 5 and will continue until the 28th of the month. These sessions will take place in the barangays of 106 North Hill, 100 San Roque, 106 Aeroville, and 97 Cabalawan. Aspiring culinary enthusiasts can expect to broaden their culinary expertise through hands-on training in these sessions.

Cosmetology classes are offered in Barangays 97, 23 Salazar, 104 Salvacion, and 103 Palanog. The course covers personal grooming and beauty treatment techniques, assisting attendees in honing their cosmetology skills for potential career opportunities.

Furthermore, residents interested in learning the art of reflexology, haircutting, and bartending can benefit from training sessions held in barangays 97 Cabalawan, 18, and 105 Guadalupe throughout September. These abilities have a significant scope in the wellness and hospitality sectors, providing a promising avenue for employment.

Dressmaking enthusiasts are included in this empowering endeavor. Dressmaking classes are held at the CLEP Building on Mondays and Fridays from September 1 to 29. Participants will be taught the fundamentals of dressmaking to develop local talent in the fashion industry.

CLEP has extended an open invitation to all interested individuals, encouraging them to work with their respective barangay offices or to enroll in person at the CLEP office located along the Paterno Street Extension. The training is a fantastic opportunity for residents and government employees to improve their skill sets, with complimentary haircuts added to CLEP's community extension activities. —iTacloban (Source: CIO)

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