Over 1,000 youth benefit from free circumcision in Tacloban North

Over 1,000 youth benefit from free circumcision in Tacloban North

Tacloban City provides free circumcision services in northern barangays, aiming to cover 100% of their target youth in coordination with health departments.

TACLOBAN CITY – More than a thousand children, aged 8 years and older, have benefitted from complementary circumcision services in the northern part of Tacloban City, since May 2023.

According to Alexander Dy, the nurse in charge at the Sto. Niño District Health Center (DHC), these services are continuously scheduled at district health centers in the area. The City Health Office (CHO) has ensured further services in Tacloban North to achieve its 100% target rate.

On Wednesday, August 23, personnel from the Sto. Niño DHC, in collaboration with the Department of Health and the Family Medicine Department of Eastern Visayas Medical Center, served an entire day. They anticipated circumcising around a hundred children. However, due to the 'first-come, first-served basis' system they utilize, those who weren't accommodated were advised to return the next day, as clarified by Dy.

In addition to this, the Sto. Niño DHC continues its regular “Immunization activity” every Wednesday for children aged 0-1. The health center within the GMA housing area has a consultation schedule catering to different age groups. Every Tuesday morning, they cater to the 0-18 age group, Thursdays to the 19-59 age bracket, and Fridays to seniors aged 60 and above.

The health center oversees eight barangays in Tacloban North, including Brgy. 97 Cabalawan, 98 Camansihay, 101 New Kawayan, 102 Old Kawayan, 105 San Isidro, 106 Sto. Niño, 107 Sta. Elena, and 108 Tagpuro. –iTacloban (Source: CIO)

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