76 couples set to wed in Tacloban's 'Kasalang Bayan'

76 couples set to wed in Tacloban's 'Kasalang Bayan'

 Tacloban City's City Civil Registrar is organizing a special mass wedding event known as "Kasalang Bayan," where 76 couples in long-term relationships without formal marriage will have the opportunity to tie the knot. Photo via Pexels

TACLOBAN CITY – The City Civil Registrar of this city has announced a special event called "Kasalang Bayan" to promote the sanctity of marriage and support couples in long-term relationships. The initiative allows couples who have been together for at least five years, have children, and are not formally married to have a legally recognized wedding ceremony.

According to Ms. Imelda Roa, the head of the City Civil Registrar, 76 couples will have the opportunity to solemnize their relationship in a mass wedding ceremony scheduled for July 20 at Pacific Point in San Jose. Mayor Alfred S. Romualdez will officiate the ceremony, adding a special touch to the joyous occasion.

Furthermore, Ms. Roa mentioned that the City Civil Registrar is now accepting applications and processing the necessary documents for couples who wish to participate in the upcoming Kasalang Bayan event. 

The next Kasalang Bayan is planned for November 2023, providing further opportunities for couples to formalize their relationship.

Kasalang Bayan is one of the ongoing programs by the City Government of Tacloban aimed at assisting Taclobanon couples who desire to get married but face financial constraints. By offering a free mass wedding, the program seeks to alleviate the financial burden often associated with traditional marriage ceremonies.

This initiative encourages couples to legalize their union and highlights the value of committed relationships and the importance of family. The City Government of Tacloban hopes to create a supportive environment where love and commitment can be celebrated without unnecessary financial strain.  —iTacloban (Source: CIO)

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