Tacloban City celebrates spectacular Grand Santacruzan, crowns 2023 Reyna Elena

Tacloban City celebrates spectacular Grand Santacruzan, crowns 2023 Reyna Elena

Tacloban LGU organized its vibrant Grand Santacruzan, a captivating event that marked the culmination of the month-long Santa Cruz de Mayo festival. Photo: Lordyvo O./Facebook

TACLOBAN CITY –  In a display of religious fervor and devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, Tacloban City's annual Grand Santacruzan enchanted locals and tourists on Tuesday, May 30. The event, organized by the city government to culminate the month-long Santa Cruz de Mayo celebration, featured a captivating procession through the city's major thoroughfares, accompanied by seven barangay contingents.

The Grand Santacruzan commenced with an early evening procession featuring Sagalas—beautiful maidens adorned in resplendent gowns—and elaborately decorated arches embellished with vibrant flowers. The procession weaved its way through the city's major thoroughfares, captivating onlookers with its magnificence and religious symbolism.

Adding to the spectacle, children dressed as angels, who had previously participated in the Flores de Mayo celebrations in their respective barangays, graced the event with their innocence and charm.

Prominent figures in the city also made their presence felt during the Grand Santacruzan. The official Miss Tacloban and Ginoong Sangyaw candidates joined the festivities, while Mayor Alfred S. Romualdez, accompanied by officials from the Tacloban City Police Office (TCPO) and the City Tourism Operations Office, lent their support to this cherished tradition.

The highlight of the evening took place at Plaza Rizal, where the 2023 Grand Reyna Elena crowning occurred. Special awards were announced alongside the crowning, and winners were bestowed with trophies, sashes, and cash prizes.

The much-anticipated moment arrived when the results of the competition were unveiled. Brgy. 43-B emerged as the champion among the seven participating barangay contingents, earning a well-deserved cash prize of P50,000. Brgy. 39 Calvary Hill secured the first runner-up position, receiving P30,000, while Brgy. 37 Reclamation claimed the second runner-up spot, taking home P20,000.

Not to be forgotten, Brgy. 65 Paseo de Legazpi made a commendable effort and earned third place, garnering a cash prize of P15,000. Brgy. 99 Diit was recognized for its outstanding discipline, achieving the special award for the Most Disciplined Barangay, along with a consolation prize of P5,000.

In addition to the barangay contingent winners, individual accolades were also presented. Jaira, representing Brgy. 43-B triumphed as the 2023 Grand Reyna Elena, receiving a cash prize of P10,000. Sophia Reinzyl, hailing from San Jose, Brgy. 84, secured the first runner-up position, accompanied by a prize of P8,000. Yvonne Grace Dizor of Brgy. 65 Paseo De Legazpi impressed as the second runner-up, walking away with P5,000.

As a gesture of appreciation, consolation prizes of P1,500 were awarded to each of the winners, further recognizing their contributions to the success of the Grand Santacruzan.

Tacloban's Grand Santacruzan showcased the city's vibrant culture, strong religious ties, and community spirit. The event served as a reminder of the city's rich traditions and the enduring devotion of Taclobanons to their beloved Blessed Virgin Mary. —iTacloban (Source: CIO)

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