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TCH embraces modern tech for improved operations and transparency

TCH embraces modern tech for improved operations and transparency

 Tacloban City Hospital integrates a digital communication system to streamline operations and ensure transparency, fostering better staff coordination and patient care. Photo: TCH

TACLOBAN CITY – Tacloban City Hospital (TCH) has embraced modern technology by implementing a communication system designed to enhance transparency and efficiency in hospital operations. This innovative approach enables staff to access vital information and communicate seamlessly using cell phones, laptops, or desktop computers.

Dr. Joedina B. Gumagay, Chief of Hospital at Tacloban City Hospital, disclosed that a digital platform allows for real-time monitoring of duty schedules for medical personnel throughout the hospital, including support staff such as janitors. Additionally, the system can easily track the hospital's income during each 12-hour shift.

Facebook and Messenger applications are also being utilized for communication purposes.

Dr. Gumagay explained that the communication system allows her to remotely supervise hospital operations even on leave, ensuring continuous oversight and smooth functioning. The hospital provides round-the-clock care with doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel 24/7 to address patients' needs and offer prompt ambulance services for transfers or referrals when necessary.

The system records patient admissions, discharges, and medical services received, including the number of patients benefiting from PhilHealth coverage. On-duty staff uploads their photos to the system to enhance transparency, indicating their assigned locations.

Moreover, Dr. Gumagay highlighted that the digital platform encourages off-duty staff to stay updated on hospital operations and announcements, ensuring everyone remains on the same page. —iTacloban (Source: CIO)

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