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Tacloban farmer's assocs celebrate completion of microenterprise projects under PRDP initiative

Tacloban farmer's assocs celebrate completion of microenterprise projects under PRDP initiative

Two farmer's associations in Tacloban City complete projects under the Department of Agriculture's Philippine Rural Development Project, enhancing swine production and marketing, and benefiting local farmers. Photo: DA-8/Facebook

TACLOBAN CITY – Two farmer's associations in this city recently received their certificates of project completion under the enterprise development component of the Department of Agriculture's Philippine Rural Development Project (PRDP). 

The New Kawayan Farmers Association (NKFA) and the Association of Tagpuro Farmers United for Progress (ATFUP) both focus on swine production and marketing, with a total project cost of Php 1,996,960.00. This achievement was celebrated during the City Government of Tacloban's People's Day, held every Wednesday.

The two IREAP subprojects completed in Tacloban City have positively impacted 49 farmers from the New Kawayan and Tagpuro barangays. Dr. Eunice Alcantara, City Veterinarian and PRDP Focal highlighted the significance of the project completion, stating, "The PRDP became an instrument for Tacloban to produce another source of income for the farmers since we used to be very dependent in terms of swine or hogs supply from outside the city."

ATFUP now boasts 43 sows, 10 gilts, 28 fatteners, and 83 piglets managed by its 39 farmer members. Meanwhile, NKFA has 4 sows, 8 gilts, and 11 piglets under the care of its 10 farmer-members. Editha dela Cruz, an ATFUP member, expressed gratitude for the assistance, noting that her expenses have decreased since the project provided them with feed for one cycle.

Both associations have been linked to the Department of Agriculture's Kadiwa Program, which further supports them in marketing their goods. This connection has also helped ATFUP receive a grant worth Php 2,086,311.49, which they used to procure a delivery truck.

Both associations are now seeking a company to serve as a regular buyer for their goods to further enhance their operations. They hope this partnership will significantly boost their livelihoods, motivating them to work even harder and contribute to the growth of the local swine production industry. —iTacloban (Source: DA-8)

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