Authorities report peaceful Holy Week in Tacloban City

Authorities report peaceful Holy Week in Tacloban City

The recent Holy Week celebrations in Tacloban went smoothly, with the police reporting no major incidents and TOMECO monitoring traffic flow. Many people attended church services and visited Calvary Hill on Good Friday. Photo: Arso Nista/Facebook

TACLOBAN CITY – The Tacloban police have reported that there were no untoward incidents during the recent Holy Week celebrations in the city. PCapt. Concas Castillo, Station Commander of San Jose Police Station 1, stated that there were no major incidents reported in the area during the observance of the Holy Week.

Prior to the start of the holiday, the police had urged the public to avoid crowded areas and maintain social distancing during the Holy Week celebrations. Despite the conclusion of the Holy Week, the police continued to monitor the city, with personnel stationed at beach resorts to ensure safety and security.

For many people in the Philippines, Holy Week is a significant time, with many attending church services and visiting Calvary Hill on Good Friday. 

Meanwhile, the Traffic Operations Management Enforcement and Control Office (TOMECO) also played a vital role in ensuring the peaceful and safe observance of the Holy Week.

According to Jobs Lagutan, Unit Commander of TOMECO's Traffic Discipline Unit, their personnel were deployed to monitor the situation in the city's pilgrimage sites, particularly on Calvary Hill during Good Friday. Lagutan also reported that several pilgrims opted to hike to Calvary Hill on Good Friday.

However, traffic flow remained smooth as most devotees did not bring their vehicles and chose to walk instead. —iTacloban (Source: Bombo Radyo)

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