RDC takes action to bring Eastern Visayas railway system to reality

RDC takes action to bring Eastern Visayas railway system to reality

The Regional Development Council will form a task force to create a concept note for the Eastern Visayas railway system, a project aimed at improving transportation and mobility in the region. Photo for presentation only via Pexels 

TACLOBAN – In a recent special meeting on January 31, the Regional Development Council (RDC) took a significant step towards the long-awaited Eastern Visayas railway system. The RDC has decided to form a task force to spearhead the project, which has been in the pipeline for over 20 years. 

The task force will comprise a diverse group of individuals and organizations, including representatives from various national government agencies, local government units, and the private sector.

The task force's main goal is to develop a concept note, which will serve as a blueprint for the Eastern Visayas railway system. This concept note will outline the project's objectives, expected outcomes, and budget, which will be crucial in securing funding for the necessary feasibility study. The concept note will include an introduction, background information, objectives, expected results, and a budget overview.

Ormoc City Mayor and RDC Chair Lucy Torres-Gomez acknowledged that the planning stage of the Eastern Visayas railway system would take several years. However, she remains optimistic that it will be completed within the first three years of the Marcos administration. 

Gomez emphasized that the feasibility study would be crucial in determining the railway system's exact routes, stations, and development phases.

The formation of the Eastern Visayas railway system is expected to significantly impact the region. It will ease transportation, improve mobility, and ultimately drive social and economic growth in the area.
It is an ambitious and expensive project, but it has been on the horizon for over two decades and is now finally taking shape. The task force's formation is a positive step toward realizing this project and bettering the lives of those in the Eastern Visayas region. (Source: PNA)

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