Philippines: A nation of dog lovers, according to study

Philippines: A nation of dog lovers, according to study

Rakuten Insight found that 67% of Filipinos own a dog, the highest percentage in Asia, with over 10.8 million dogs counted in 2020. 

The Philippines is a nation of dog lovers, according to a recent study by Rakuten Insight. The study found that 67% of the country's population owns a pet dog, the highest percentage in Asia. In 2020, the number of dogs in the Philippines reached 10.8 million and has continued to grow by 40% since the pandemic began.

According to Rakuten Insight, Filipinos love dogs for a variety of reasons. For starters, dogs relieve stress and provide comfort and companionship. Second, dogs serve as protectors, providing their owners a sense of security. 

Pet ownership has also grown in popularity in the Philippines, with many Filipinos viewing dogs, particularly certain breeds, as a status symbol.

The Animal Kingdom Foundation, a leading animal welfare organization in the Philippines, supports these findings and believes Filipinos have a natural connection with dogs. 

Atty. Heidi Marquez Caguia, Program Director of the foundation, told GMA News, "There are many factors why we develop attachments to dogs, cats, or other pets. Firstly, it's companionship. Some dogs even act as guards. Of course, pet ownership has also become a fashion trend."

However, the Animal Kingdom Foundation also reminds pet owners that caring for dogs is not just a matter of affection but a serious responsibility. 

Pet ownership requires a commitment to ensure the well-being of these beloved animals. It's important to provide proper care, including proper nutrition, exercise, and veterinary care, and to ensure that they are not subjected to cruelty or neglect.

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