DepEd investigates allegations of overpriced cameras purchase

DepEd investigates allegations of overpriced cameras purchase

The Department of Education (DepEd) is investigating the purchase of overpriced cameras, raising questions about the use of public funds.

The controversy surrounding the purchase of overpriced cameras by the Department of Education (DepEd) is causing a stir among the public, who are questioning the high cost of the equipment. This investigation comes in the wake of the recent controversy over the purchase of expensive laptops by the same department.

According to social media posts, a Canon DSLR camera was seen with a price tag of P155,929, which is significantly higher than the same model purchased online for only P23,000. 

This raised questions about the cost of the equipment and led to the current investigation.

DepEd spokesperson Michael Poa has stated that the agency's Public Affairs Service has been directed to verify procurement documents from 2019 to determine the type of cameras purchased in each region. 

Poa emphasized that the Public Affairs Service does not use entry-level cameras, and he uses a Mark IV model, which is different from the entry-level camera shown in the screenshot.

The investigation findings will be critical in addressing the public's concerns and ensuring the proper use of funds for DepEd's operations. 

The department is committed to transparency and accountability in its operations, and the investigation will provide valuable insights into the procurement process and the equipment purchased for its operations. (Source: PIA)
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