Two drug suspects busted in Calbayog buy-bust

Two drug suspects busted in Calbayog buy-bust

Calbayog City Police nabbed two individuals for selling "Shabu" in a successful operation aided by the community. The suspects will face charges for violating the Dangerous Drugs Law. Photo: Pulis calbayog/Facebook

TACLOBAN CITY – Calbayog City Police arrested two suspected drug peddlers on January 24, 2023, in a daring operation in Barangay Carayman. The suspects, identified as "Sheryl" and "Juls," were caught red-handed selling "Shabu" worth PHP 500 to a police operative who posed as a buyer.

The operation was made possible through the cooperation of the community, who provided valuable information to the Calbayog City Police. 

The suspects are both residents of P-7, Brgy. Carayman. They were listed as Street Level Individuals (SLIs) and were in possession of heat-sealed transparent plastic sachets containing the illegal substance.

PLTCOL DEL ROSARIO, the Chief of Police of Calbayog City Police Station, praised the community's support and encouraged them to continue working hand in hand with the police to maintain peace and order in the city. 

He also commended the efforts of the Calbayog City Police Station Drug Enforcement Team (SDET) for their tireless work in curbing the drug menace in the area.

The suspects will now face charges for violating the Dangerous Drugs Law and undergo legal proceedings. This bust serves as a warning to other drug syndicates in the region that the Calbayog City Police will not tolerate their illegal activities. —iTacloban

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