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Flooding in Eastern Visayas forces families to evacuate

Flooding in Eastern Visayas forces families to evacuate

Families in Eastern Visayas were forced to relocate due to flooding caused by a low-pressure area (LPA). Photo: Jipapad Fire Station

TACLOBAN CITY – On Tuesday, January 10, nearly hundreds of families were forced to evacuate due to flooding in various locations in Eastern Visayas caused by a low-Pressure area (LPA).

In the barangay of Barobo, Llorente Eastern Samar, a total of 290 families were forced to leave their homes and were taken to evacuation centers.

Military personnel assisted residents in relocating as part of an effort to aid in evacuating the area. The Barobo Bridge was closed to traffic because of rising water levels.

Meanwhile, residents of Barangay Caglaoan in the municipality of Dolores were forced to use boats to navigate the floodwaters.

The Office of Civil Defense (OCD) has reported that the heavy rains have already claimed the lives of two individuals and displaced at least 213,737 residents in the region. 

Jipapad Mayor Benjamin Evardone Ver has appealed for help from the provincial government due to the effect of the flooding in their area, which has reached up to neck level.

Floodwaters have also engulfed many areas in Las Navas, and Pambujan, both of which are located in Northern Samar, and as a result, the water in these areas has turned a muddy color.

Due to heavy flooding, some motorists have been stranded in Barangay Suhi, Tacloban City. Meanwhile, in the town of San Miguel in Leyte, the San Miguel-Babatngon Road is not passable due to landslides caused by the non-stop rain.

The OCD urges residents to take necessary precautions and to follow the guidelines set by the local government and relevant authorities to ensure their safety.

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