DPWH undertakes river dredging works in Eastern Visayas

DPWH undertakes river dredging works in Eastern Visayas

DPWH is addressing flood concerns in Eastern Visayas with 11 units of dredging equipment deployed to major waterways in the region. Photo: DPWH/Facebook

TACLOBAN CITY – The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) is taking action to alleviate flooding in Eastern Visayas by deploying 11 units of dredging equipment to major waterways in the region. 

This includes using amphibious excavators to remove silted materials from the Santa Sofia Canal, Mangonbangon River, Bangon River, and Canturing River in Leyte, as well as the Burayan River in Tacloban City.

According to DPWH Secretary Manuel M. Bonoan, the river dredging works aim to ensure the safety of residents, mitigate the effects of flooding on livelihood, water quality, and vegetation, and protect roads and bridges from flood-related damage and destruction.

In the recent dredging operation in the Burayan River, an estimated 288 cubic meters of silted materials were removed during a 6-hour non-stop operation.

The dredging efforts in Bangon River have been ongoing for two years and have already resulted in a mitigation of floods in the town of Palo, Leyte. Additionally, a Watermaster Classic IV has been deployed to Calbiga River in Calbiga, Samar, for corrective maintenance.

The deployment of 11 units of dredging equipment and ongoing maintenance efforts aim to keep major waterways in the region clear and functioning, reducing the risk of flooding and its associated impacts. —iTacloban

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