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Multi-year tourism road project in Almeria town leads to increased economic activity

Multi-year tourism road project in Almeria town leads to increased economic activity

The completion of a five-year multi-funded tourism road project in Almeria town's Brgy. Sampao has led to increased tourism and economic activity in the area. Photo: DPWH

TACLOBAN CITY – A five-year multi-funded tourism road project leading to Ulan-ulan Falls in Barangay Sampao in the town of Almeria has finally been completed, bringing many benefits to the said area. 

The project, funded by the Department of Public Works and Highways - Biliran District Engineering Office (DPWH-DEO) in 2018, involved opening and concreting a 1.48-kilometer two-lane road, including a drainage structure, in Brgy. Sampao proper going to Ulan-Ulan Falls.

As a result of the project, the area has seen an influx of tourists and increased economic activity. Barangay Kagawad and chairperson of the Committee on Tourism of Brgy. Sampao, Hon. Alberto T. Asumbrado, said in an interview that the project has improved the mobility of people and goods, generating income and jobs for the local community, and boomed the tourism industry in the area.

Before the project, the only access to the site was through a trail that consumed almost an hour of walking from the barangay proper to Ulan-Ulan Falls. Now, with the completed road, accessibility is much easier. Travel time has been reduced from almost an hour of hiking to just five to ten minutes by vehicle and another five-minute trail to reach the waterfalls.

The project, which began on February 15, 2018, was completed on June 2, 2019, and since then, tourism in the town of Almeria has begun to boom. Road development has also opened many business establishments, such as restaurants and resorts in Brgy. Sampao.

According to Asumbrado, one of the tourism road's biggest advantages is that it has generated income and jobs for the local community. The barangay has agreed that the income from tourism will be shared equally between the barangay and the community managing the tourism site. 

This 50-50 sharing is intended to allow the local community to earn money by guarding the tourist site and accompanying the tourists. This is done through providing jobs on a rotation basis with single parents and students from Brgy. Sampao receiving priority.

The finished road project also allows for safer and faster transportation of farm products such as palay, copra, abaca, root crops, fruits, and vegetables to market centers in the progressive town of Naval and nearby urban areas.

Asumbrado said that before the road development, farmers had to walk to transport their products to the market. With the improved road, more vehicles can access the area and transport goods more efficiently.

Completing the five-year multi-funded tourism road project in Almeria town's Brgy. Sampao has brought significant benefits to the local community, including increased tourism and economic activity, improved mobility, and generation of income and jobs. 

The local government and the community are now reaping the benefits of the completed project and looking forward to a more prosperous future. —iTacloban (Source: DPWH)

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