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Local red tide warning issued in Eastern Samar and Leyte

Local red tide warning issued in Eastern Samar and Leyte

A red tide warning was issued for Eastern Samar and Leyte after toxic algae were found in local bays.

TACLOBAN CITY – Based on the laboratory examination conducted by the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Region 8 (BFAR 8)- Marine Biotoxin Laboratory in Tacloban City, seawater samples collected from Matarinao Bay in Eastern Samar have tested positive for Pyrodinium bahamense. This toxic microorganism can cause Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning (PSP) in humans.

In response to this discovery, local authorities have issued a red tide warning for the affected areas, advising the public to avoid gathering, selling, and consuming shellfish from the bay. The warning also applies to Cancabato Bay in Tacloban City and Guiuan in Eastern Samar.

Red tide, also known as harmful algal blooms, is a phenomenon that occurs when certain species of algae grow to excessive levels, producing toxins that can be harmful to humans, marine life, and the ecosystem. 

The presence of Pyrodinium bahamense in seawater can indicate the presence of red tide and the potential contamination of shellfish in the area.

LATEST RED TIDE ADVISORY December 12, 2022 Seawater samples collected along MATARINAO BAY (General MacArthur, Hernani,...

Posted by BFAR Region 8 on Monday, December 12, 2022

A shellfish ban remains in place for Irong-Irong Bay in Catbalogan City and San Pedro Bay in Basey. All types of shellfish and Acetes sp. gathered from these bays should not be consumed.

Fish, squids, shrimps, and crabs from the affected areas are generally safe for human consumption, provided they are fresh and thoroughly washed, and their internal organs, such as gills and intestines, are removed before cooking. 

However, it is important to follow the local red tide warnings and avoid consuming any shellfish from the affected areas. Local authorities are urging the public to cooperate with the shellfish ban and red tide warning to prevent any potential illnesses or deaths.

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