Talk 'N Text UTP15: How to Register Unli Calls and Texts to Sun/Smart/TNT for 15 Pesos

Talk 'N Text UTP15: How to Register Unli Calls and Texts to Sun/Smart/TNT for 15 Pesos

Talk 'N Text's UTP15 promo is an affordable way to call loved ones someone, including your friends and loved ones. The Php 15 promo includes unlimited calls and texts.

If you are looking for an affordable promo to call your loved ones, Talk 'N Text (TNT)'s UTP15 promo offers a great way to connect with them. Said promo already comes with unlimited calls and texts that you can use for the low price of Php 15.

As of this writing, the UTP15 promo is one of TNT's most well-known promotions for subscribers. We asked small retail shop (sari-sari store) owners what promotion is most commonly purchased from them, and the answer is UTP15.

This is especially true given that UTP15 is a bestselling product of TNT, with prepaid subscribers frequently purchasing it when they need to make a call. It has been around since 2016, which is why TNT users are accustomed to registering with the promo.

Talk 'N Text's UTP15 plan includes unlimited calls and texts to Smart, Sun, and TNT, making it an excellent choice for TNT subscribers, especially if their friends or family use different networks. It is available at loading stations, sari-sari stores (with additional fees), and e-wallets such as GCash, Maya, Shopee Pay, and Coins PH.

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Why choose the UTP 15 Promo?

For TNT prepaid subscribers, it is an affordable offer from the said telecommunications company. It will only cost Php 7.50 per day ((for a promo price of Php 15) to stay connected with family, friends, and loved ones for two days straight without breaking your wallet.

Before, it came with 30 MB of data that could be used to access social media sites and messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger. and Viber. This amount of data is also sufficient for other online activities, such as uploading photos on Facebook and Twitter or playing mobile games such as Clash of Clans.

Unfortunately, TNT has limited the promotion to 50 all-network texts and Unli Trinet Calls/Texts (Sun, TNT, Smart), but users can opt-in for the UTP+ promos: UTP+ 20 and UTP+ 30 if they want more mobile data for social media sites, gaming, and streaming the internet.

#TropaThursday na! Miss your tropa? Give them a call or text them na using #TNTUTP15! P15 lang, may unlicalls and text ka na for two days! May 30 MB Internet pa! Text UTP15 to 3545! #ItsATropaThing

Posted by TNTph on Thursday, August 11, 2016

How to register to TNT UTP15?

There are various ways to register for the UTP15 promo either you can go to the nearest loading centers or sari-sari stores that offer e-loading. You can also purchase it directly through e-wallets. 

If you already have a Php 15 load in your TNT number, you can register by texting UTP15 to 3545.

You may also follow the steps on how to register through other means:

Registering through *123#

Dial *123# from your mobile device, then select 'other offers' from the menu. Select "UTP" next, then "15," and then "subscribe."

Registering through GCash 

Launch your GCash app, and select 'Load' from the menu. Choose TNT and input your prepaid number. Click the "Next" button and then the "yes, proceed" button. Go to "Call & Text" from the options and select UTP 15. Then click the "Buy Now" button for confirmation.

Registering through Maya

Open your Maya app, and click the 'Load' button from the menu. Select TNT and then search for "UTP15" on the search bar. Click "UTP15" from the list of products, enter your prepaid number, and click the "Continue" button to proceed. 

Registering through ShopeePay

Go to "Load, Bills & Travel" in your Shopee app. Choose "Buy Promo" and then select "TNT" from the list of mobile networks. After that, enter your phone number and select UTP15 from the promotions. To complete your purchase, click "Checkout."

That's it! It's easy to load for a UTP15 promo since there are many options for getting it. TNT will then send you a confirmation message once your purchase is successful. Note: The promo is only exclusive to TNT prepaid subscribers.

TNT UTP 15 Promo Features and Validity

Features Unli Trinet Calls/Texts for Sun, TNT, and Smart and 50 all-network texts
Validity 2 days
Amount Php 15 (additional Php 3 -5 if purchased in loading centers or sari-sari stores)

TNT UTP15 can be extended using TNT's "Extend Promo" service. Simply load Php 5 before your subscription expires, or text EXTEND to 4545. This can be done up to 365 times unless you need the promo to be always extended.

Unfortunately, per confirmation from a TNT representative, UTP 15's validity cannot be extended anymore. Instead, TNT informed us that the "Panalo 150" promotion is the way to go if you want a 30-day validity. Panalo 150 offers unlimited texts to all networks and unlimited calls to TNT/Smart.

How to Check Balance Status

Text BAL to 214 to check the status of your UTP15 subscription and the expiration date/time of said promotion. You can also check your balance status by dialing the *123# from your mobile device.

Other UTP Promos from TNT

As mentioned in this article, TNT also offers other UTP promotions, which they labeled as "UTP+." This promo also includes mobile data, so if you have extra money, you can register with this.

You may check the list below for other UTP promos:

UTP Promo Features
UTP+ 20 150 MB data for Tiktok, IG, FB, ML + 300 MB data + Unli Allnet Calls & Texts for 2 days.
UTP+ 30 250 MB data for Tiktok, IG, FB, ML + 540 MB data + Unli Allnet calls & Texts for 3 days

Final Thoughts about UTP15

If you have a limited budget and only need to have a brief conversation or call someone urgently, then UTP15 is the best promo for you if you are a TNT prepaid subscriber. For only Php 15, you can already call someone if their network is Smart, TNT, or Sun.

However, you cannot call networks other than SMART with this promo, so you'll need to register for another promotion if you want to contact a Globe, TM, or DITO user. You can check the list of available promos to call other networks by dialing *123# on your mobile device.

If you have any questions about registering for UTP15, please call *888 or visit their website and Facebook page, TNTPh. [Note: This article is not sponsored or promoted by TNT but rather serves as a guide for those wishing to register for UTP15.] —iTacloban

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