New motorcab-for-hire (MCH) fare in Tacloban City takes effect

New motorcab-for-hire (MCH) fare in Tacloban City takes effect

Tacloban LGU has implemented a 3-peso fare increase for MCH, which began on November 3, 2022.

The Tacloban City Government has now implemented a 3-peso fare increase for motorcab-for-hire (MCH), as the posting of the fare matrix or fare guide begins on Thursday, November 3, 2022.

As per ordinance No. 2022-15-03, sponsored by Councilor Leo Bahin, the first two kilometers will be charged at P12 instead of the previous P9. For each subsequent distance traveled, an additional two pesos will be charged.

Students, senior citizens, and persons with disabilities are entitled to a 20% fare discount, which means the minimum fare for them will be P9.60, with an additional P1.60 added for the following kilometers.

Gerry Abilar, Business Permits and Licensing Division (BPLD) Transport Section in charge reminded MCH drivers and operators to secure the fare matrix before collecting higher fares, or a corresponding penalty would be imposed.

Under Section 3 of the ordinance, the operator will be fined P1,000 for failing to post, remove, or deface the passenger matrix. Their franchise will be revoked for the third violation within a year, and drivers will be fined P500 for failing to follow the prescribed fare guide.

Abilar stated that BPLD intends to issue matrices to 2200 MCH in the city, including 30 Yellow cabs and approximately 13 e-trikes.

Commuters are urged to report immediately any drivers or operators who will collect new minimum fares without a fare matrix prominently displayed inside their vehicles for their own safety, according to Abilar.

Passengers with complaints should call (BPLO) 0905-413-4018, (TOMECO) 0927-401-5627, or (POLICE) 0917-631-7752. To recall, numerous complaints have been filed with the city government due to some drivers overcharging fares and defying rules. (Source: Tacloban CIO)

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