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TNT Unli Data 99, Unli Data 299 and Unli 5G Data Promos

TNT Unli Data 99, Unli Data 299 and Unli 5G Data Promos

TNT Unli Data 99, Unli Data 299, and Unli 5G Data Promos are great for surfing the web, watching videos, and playing mobile games.

(UPDATED) Talk N Text, also known as TNT, offers a variety of low-cost promotions, including UNLI Data 99 and UNLI Data 299, for which subscribers can sign up. Those with a TNT sim card can take advantage of these promos, as it provides unlimited mobile data access to all websites and mobile applications without data limit.

Subscribers can register for these UNLI Data promos by downloading the GigaLife app or dialing the number *123# on their mobile devices. If you spend a lot of time streaming content from the internet, scrolling through Facebook or other social media sites, and watching videos on Netflix or YouTube, this is the best deal you can find that fits your needs.

Other unli data promotions besides UNLI Data 99 and UNLI Data 299 include UNLI 5G Data 299, UNLI 5G Data 599, and UNLI 5G Data 799.

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What are TNT UNLI Data 99 and UNLI Data 299?

TNT Unli Data 99 and UNLI Data 299 are Talk N Text-exclusive mobile promos. These promos have no data cap and can be used on any website or app. UNLI Data 99 costs only Php 99, whereas UNLI Data 299 costs Php 299, thus the names of these promotions.

Unfortunately, these promotional offers are sometimes limited and are not available through the GigaLige app or by dialing *123#. However, you can still take advantage of other promos, such as UNLI 5G Promos.

TNT UNLI Data 99, UNLI Data 299, and other UNLI 5G Data Promos

To avail of these promos, make sure to have a regular load if you'll register via Gigalife or *123#. Once you have a regular load, you can check the GigaLige app or *123# if the promos are available for you.

Simply choose your preferred Unli Data promotion based on your budget if it is available. Here is a list of TNT Unli Data promotions that you can sign up for:

UNLI Data 99

Features Unlimited mobile data for all sites/apps
Validity 7 days
Amount Php 99

UNLI Data 299

Features Unlimited mobile data for all sites/apps
Validity 30 days
Amount Php 99

UNLI 5G Data 299

Features Unlimited 5G data for all sites/apps + extra 3GB data
Validity 7 day
Amount Php 299

UNLI 5G Data 599

Features Unlimited 5G data for all sites/apps + extra 12GB data
Validity 30 days
Amount Php 99

UNLI 5G Data 799

Features Unlimited 5G data for all sites/apps + extra 24GB data
Validity 30 days
Amount Php 599

How to register for TNT Unli Data Promos?

You can easily register for TNT promotions such as UNLI Data 99 and 299 by following the instructions below. To complete the transaction successfully, you must also have an available balance.

Registration through the GigaLife app:

Step 1 – Launch the GigaLife application on your device.
Step 2 – Look for the "UNLI DATA" option in the menu.
Step 3 – Select the UNLI Data promotional offer that you want.
Step 4 – To confirm registration, click SUBSCRIBE, then tap YES.
Step 5 – Wait for a confirmation message from TNT to use the UNLI data promo.

Registration through dialing *123# on your device:

Step 1 – Dial *123# on your mobile device
Step 2 – Choose the TNT promo offer you want
Step 3 – Select Subscribe then SEND to confirm registration.
Step 4 – Wait for a confirmation message from TNT to use the UNLI data promo.

Note: TNT UNLI Data promos are only available to certain Smart and TNT subscribers at this time. You will be able to see it on your Gigalife app and on the menu that you access by dialing *123#.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about TNT Unli Data promos

Why isn't the TNT Unli Data promo available in my GigaLife app or by dialing *123#?

You must update your GigaLife app on Google Play or Apple App Store to see the new promo offer. Otherwise, the promotion is unavailable to you or available only for a limited time.

If your phone's app auto-update feature is turned off, you must go to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, search for the GigaLife app, and update it.

Can I register for different promos at the same time?

Yes, you can register for different TNT promos at the same time.

How do I take advantage of the NEW UNLI 5G Data offer?

You can enjoy UNLI 5G Data with "S.P.D."

SIM - A 5G-ready SIM is required. To check, send a free text message to 5832 with the word SIMCHECK.

PLACE - Check the location or area to see if there is already 5G coverage so you can enjoy 5G. You can open the Gigalife app and select UNLI 5G DATA, then SEE 5G EXCLUSIVE LOCATIONS.

Subscribers can check the device signal bar on the device's top. If the data network icon is 5G, the subscriber is in a 5G area and can take advantage of Unli 5G. (location-wise). If the data network is 4G/LTE, the subscriber is in a NON-5G area.

DEVICE - A 5G-enabled smartphone or pocket wifi is required.

Are subscribers to Smart Postpaid and Sun Postpaid also able to access the UNLI Data?

Nope. Only TNT and Smart/Bro Prepaid subscribers are eligible for UNLI 5G DATA Promos. The Smart Signature 5G Plan L/XL or the Smart Signature 5G Device Plan L/XL XL for postpaid can be purchased by both new and existing subscribers through the Booking App, GMB, or any Smart Store.


Because of the advancement of technology and the use of mobile devices or smartphones, various data promotions have been created, which is great because it gives you a lot of options to choose from based on your needs and available money. However, it is uncommon for ISPs to provide unlimited data.

TNT provides UNLI Data for a limited time, which is not always available in the GigaLife app or through the *123# menu. Despite this, UNLI 5G data promotions are available 24/7 via the app, but you must be in a 5G area to take advantage of them. Furthermore, UNLI 5G Data promotions provide additional data if your internet connection is 4G LTE.

This means that if you're in a 5G area, it will be unlimited; if you're not, it will begin consuming the extra data you've purchased. If you have any questions or concerns about TNT UNLI Data, you can contact Smart/customer TNT's service hotline by dialing *888 or *777 from a SMART or Talk 'N Text cellphone. —iTacloban

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