DPWH-TCDEO commended for immediate action in Brgy. 69 Anibong, Tacloban City

DPWH-TCDEO was commended for immediately repairing the damaged asphalt road in Brgy. 69 Anibong Tacloban City between Petron and Star Oil, after recent vehicular accidents due to a hole in the road.

TACLOBAN CITY— The SJTV Tacloban commends the immediate action of the Department of Public Works and Highways-Tacloban City District Engineering Office (DPWH-TCDEO), supervised by the Chief of Maintenance Section, Engr. Marichu T. Eduarte, with her staff on the repair of the damaged paved asphalt road in Brgy. 69 Anibong Tacloban City between Petron and Star Oil, after the recent vehicular accidents in the area due to a hole in the road.

At exactly 9:55 in the morning, the SJTV Tacloban, who conducted a Facebook Livestream at exactly 8:22 am, received a live report from Mr. Noel Tampil Sianosa Jr. and commended the DPWH-TCDEO for immediately taking action on the damaged road.

 “Usa ta la katawag han DPWH Tacloban City [District Engineering] Office gin aksyunan dayun ni Marichu T. Eduarte, Chief han Maintenance Section kaupod hi District Engineer Johnny M. Acosta” (Translation: It took only one call to the DPWH Tacloban City [District Engineering] Office, and Marichu T. Eduarte, Chief of the Maintenance Section together with the District Engineer, Johnny M. Acosta took immediate action) Mr. Noel Tampil Sianosa Jr. said.

In Marichu T. Eduarte’s interview, she explains that the restored road is part of the Road Right of Way (ROW) carriageway, and they took action to the portion that poses an immediate danger.

“Actually itun na atun gin restore yana, kabahin itun han atun carriage way han atun Road Right of Way then for the meantime, nag action la kami han portion na delikado talaga” (Translation: Actually, that [road] we have restored today is a part of our carriageway in our Road Right of Way, where we took action on the portion that poses a danger for the meantime.) Marichu Eduarte explained.

Furthermore, she acknowledged the District Engineer, Johnny M. Acosta, for helping her coordinate with the head of the Office-City Hall, City Engineer’s Office, who could help them restore the damaged road.

Engr. Eduarte also discussed their plans to inform the contractors, such as the Prime Water and its contractor, to restore the defective carriageway which causes vehicular accidents. (DPWH-TCDEO)

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