NCR and Western Visayas wage boards approve minimum wage increase

NCR and Western Visayas wage boards approve minimum wage increase

Increases in the minimum wage have been approved by the wage boards of the National Capital Region and Western Visayas.

The Regional Tripartite Wages and Productivity Board – NCR issued Wage Order No. NCR-23 on May 13, 2022, which awarded a wage increase of PhP33, bringing the new minimum wage rate to PhP570 and PhP533, respectively, for workers in the non-agriculture and agriculture sectors.

It is projected to protect approximately one million minimum wage laborers from unfairly low compensation in the region. Because of the rising prices of essential goods, commodities, and petroleum items, the rise is considered to restore the purchasing power of minimum wage earners.

The NCR's most recent 'Wage Order' for workers at private companies went into effect on November 22, 2018.

The Regional Tripartite Wages and Productivity Board – VI issued Wage Order No. RBVI-26, which provides a wage increase of PhP55 and PhP110 for workers in non-agriculture, industrial, and commercial establishments, brings the daily minimum wage in the region to PhP450 and PhP420 for those employing more than ten workers and those employing ten or fewer workers. Furthermore, the Board approved a PhP95 raise for agricultural laborers, raising the daily minimum wage to PhP410.

It is projected to prevent approximately 214,836 minimum wage earners in private establishments in the region from being underpaid. The hike examined restoring minimum wage earners' purchasing power due to rising costs of basic goods, commodities, and petroleum products and raising the minimum wage rate above the 2021 first semester poverty line.

Furthermore, the Board issued Salary Order No. RBVI-DW-04, which provided a PhP500 wage increase, brought the new monthly minimum wage rate for domestic employees to PhP4,500. It is anticipated that 160,795 domestic workers will gain from it (49,413 live-in and 111,382 live-out).

The most recent Wage Orders for workers in private enterprises and domestic workers in Western Visayas went into effect on November 26, 2019, and May 8, 2019, respectively.

The revised Wage Orders will be submitted to the Commission for consideration and will go into effect fifteen (15) days after being published in a general circulation newspaper. —Tacloban News Update (Source: DOLE)

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