PRRD told leaders in Asia-Pacific summit to be bolder in addressing water-related challenges

PRRD told leaders in Asia-Pacific summit to be bolder in addressing water-related challenges

According to President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, countries must make prudent decisions for the benefit of current and future generations to address the Asia-Pacific region's water challenges. Photo: PCOO

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte has urged for a bolder vision and swift action to address the Asia-Pacific region's water-related challenges, stating that countries must make prudent decisions for the benefit of current and future generations.

“Excellencies now is the time for bolder vision and urgent action. We need to decide wisely for ourselves and future generations,” President Duterte said in a video message delivered Saturday during the 4th Asia-Pacific Water Summit's Heads of States and Government meeting in Kumamoto City.

Because water is such a vital resource for humans and ecosystems' survival and sustenance, he said that access to it and its associated services is appropriately regarded as a fundamental human right.

The Filipino leader cited the Philippines as a cautionary tale and a reminder of the urgency of action, emphasizing that despite his country's abundance of water, ensuring universal access to safe, affordable, and accessible water remains an enormous challenge.

"This requires a strong sense of community action in the region, an integrated and coherent policy, and a commitment to creating opportunities for investment and collaboration on technological solutions," he told the participants.

He also outlined several additional measures to address challenges, including establishing a robust regime for sustainable water management, utilizing the best available science in generating water resources and climate-resilient infrastructure, and ensuring sustainable forest protection and watershed management.

Regional technology development and transfer experts must also collaborate, and countries must promote transboundary benefits for the development of the ordinary people through 2050 and beyond, he noted.

“And finally, we need to forge a strong alliance between our strategic partners to address entrenched corporate compulsions to ensure environmental compliance and just economic, regulatory regimes,” the Philippine president said.

He also emphasized the importance of solutions to water-related issues from both government and non-government stakeholders.

President Duterte concluded his message by praising the Japanese government for its continued leadership in successfully organizing the 4th Asia-Pacific Water Summit.

During the leaders' meeting, Climate Change Commission Secretary Robert E. A. Borje stated that climate justice is central to the Philippines' position on climate change mitigation and adaptation.

“To the least responsible, those with the least resources, and those most exposed, we need to do more,” said Secretary Borje.

President Duterte stated last week in his Talk to the People program that developed countries must compensate developing nations suffering from climate change's effects.

Secretary Borje also expressed the Philippines' solidarity with all nations that have been impacted by water-related disasters as a result of climate change drivers. (Source: PND)

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