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How to Easily Schedule an SSS Online Appointment

How to Easily Schedule an SSS Online Appointment

SSS Online Appointment System is simple and easy to use because members only need to enter their transaction purposes to schedule an appointment date and time. Learn how to schedule an online appointment with SSS here.

(UPDATED 04/04/2022) Some SSS members have expressed concern about how to easily transact in an SSS branch because people must queue for a specific time to obtain a priority number and have their transactions completed the following day if successful.

As a result, this guide is designed to help SSS members easily schedule an online appointment if the nearest branch does not use a coding system for their transactions.

SSS, or Social Security System, is a government-run social insurance program in the Philippines that provides coverage to workers in the private, professional, and informal sectors. It was created by Republic Act No. 1161, also known as the Social Security Act of 1954.

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What is SSS Online Appointment System?

The Online Appointment System is SSS' response to providing a better transaction for contributor-members, in which they must set a schedule online via They will then receive an email receipt for their successful online appointment.

To avoid long queues, it is preferable to use the SSS Online Appointment System, especially for senior citizens, pregnant women, and people with disabilities.

What are the requirements to be able to use the online appointment system?

You must first register on the platform to use the online appointment system. You can register on the system using your Social Security number, along with the required details such as your personal information, complete address, and a valid email address.

Go to to register. For the details of the required details for registering, you make check below:

Required details to register for SSS Online Appointment System
CRN / SS Number
Email Address
Preferred User ID
Complete Name
Date of Birth
Complete Address
Registration Preference

Note: You will be required to create a user ID in the platform, so make sure that you remember your username or user ID.

How to schedule an SSS appointment online?

It's easy to schedule an SSS appointment online once you are registered on the platform. Just go to and log in to your account. Then hover to "Member info" and click the "Appointment System" button. You must choose the preferred branch where you want to have your SSS transactions.

Afterward, select the available date and time for your schedule. You must also input the reason for your transaction to proceed. Click the "Submit" to finalize your appointment schedule.

You may also follow the simple and easy steps below:

Step 1 - Open your browser and go to

Once you have registered for a My.SSS account, you must log in to your account at to schedule an appointment. If you don't already have an account, go to to create one.

Step 2 - Hover to "Member Info" and choose "Appointment System"

In order to schedule an appointment in the portal, you must first navigate to "MEMBER INFO" and then select "Appointment System" from the drop-down menu. After selecting "Appointment System" from the options, you will be taken to the "Members Appointment" page, where you can schedule an appointment.

Step 3 - Select your preferred SSS branch and appointment date

On the "Members Appointment" page, you must first select the purpose of your appointment from the drop-down menu. Simply make your selection from the options available. After that, choose your preferred branch and appointment date from the available slots.

You can also look here to see what transactions are available for scheduling an SSS appointment online.

Step 4 - Click "Submit Schedule" and save transaction details

Once you've decided on a date and time for your appointment, you must type your concerns. After that, you must click the "Submit Schedule" button to finalize the appointment. You will receive transaction details as well as an email from SSS confirming your appointment date.

Keep a copy of the transaction details or the email receipt so that you can show it to the guard or officer of the day when you arrive at your scheduled appointment time and date.

What transactions are available to schedule an SSS appointment online?

All contributor-members who want to schedule an appointment date on the SSS portal can find the transactions that are permitted in creating an appointment online here:

Benefits Contribution Membership
Cancellation/ Replacement/ Return of Benefit Check Flexi-Fund/ Voluntary Provident Fund (PESO) Enrolment/ Amendment Application for Unified Multi-purpose Identification (UMID) Card
Change of Guardian Non-remittance of Contributions by Employer Cancellation of Multiple SS Numbers
Compliance to Annual Confirmation of Pensioners (ACOP) Refund of Contributions Compliance to SS Number Application (Presentation of Document/s)
Contested Benefit Request for Manual Verification of Contributions Issuance of Certification of Membership Status
Death Claim Application Request for Posting/ Adjustment of Contributions Non-reporting for Coverage by Employer
Disability Claim Application Cancellation/Replacement/ Return of Loan Check Posting of Date of Coverage
EC Benefit Claim Contested Loan Request for Member Data Change
Funeral Claim Application Educational Loan Application
Issuance of Certification for Pensioner Loan Repayment Concerns (e.g. mis/unposted loan payment/s)
Maternity Claim Application Non-receipt of Loan Proceeds
Medical Examination for Disability/Sickness Claim Non-remittance of Loan Amortization/s Deducted by Employer
Medical Examination on Disability / Sickness Claim Pension Loan Application
P.E.S.O. Fund Benefit Claim Application
Request for Letter of Introduction (for Opening of Savings Account)
Retirement Claim Application
Sickness Claim Application

Note: SSS still allows in-branch transactions, but online branch appointment booking is strongly encouraged by some branches.

What are the service hours of SSS for in-branch transactions?

With the reduction of the COVID Alert Level to Level 2 in the National Capital Region and other parts of the country, and in accordance with various IATF Resolutions, the following transaction guidelines for SSS Members are in effect:

  • Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., service hours for transacting members.
  • Over-the-counter transactions for all services (except mandatory online transactions) shall be permitted, provided that they adhere to the Branch Number Coding System (for some branches), as well as scheduled appointments.

Why use SSS Online Appointment System?

The SSS portal is simple to use, and members can use it to schedule appointments.

The Social Security System (SSS) urges members, pensioners, and employers to use its online services for transactions because it is the simplest, safest, and most convenient option for SSS stakeholders.

They can also use the My.SSS Portal to access the Disbursement Account Enrollment Module (DAEM) and the Benefit Re-Disbursement Module (BRM), as well as generate Payment Reference Numbers (PRNs) for contributions and loans.

Individual members, for example, may submit Maternity Notifications, Maternity Benefit Applications, Maternity Benefit Adjustment, Sickness, and Funeral Benefit Applications, Retirement Benefit Applications (if eligible for online filing), Salary Loan and Pension Loan Renewal Applications.

At the moment, the My.SSS Portal (including the online appointment system) provides over 30 member and employer services. Several of these services can be accessed through the SSS Mobile App. SSS stakeholders and the general public can easily find relevant information and contact them if they have any further concerns through a self-service platform.


It's far more convenient to schedule an appointment online than to queue, as some contributors complain. Once a contributor/member registers for an account, the SSS' online appointment system is simple to use.

SSS Branches, particularly those with a high volume of grievances, should improve their information campaigns to encourage people to use the online appointment system instead of queuing for long hours. —iTacloban

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