Certificates of Award distributed to 'pabahay' beneficiaries of GMA Kapuso Village

On November 11, 2021, 100 Certificates of Confirmation were distributed to GMA Kapuso Village beneficiaries.

TACLOBAN CITY — One-hundred (100) Certificates of Confirmation were distributed to beneficiaries of GMA Kapuso Village on Thursday, November 11, 2021.

Mr. Leonard Tedence Jopson and Ms. Maria Lourdes Lagman of the City Housing Office, Hon. Aimee Grafil and Hon. Elvira Casal, City Information Office, Ms. Ruth Ramirez of City Hall North Extension, and other representatives attended the activity.

The City Housing and Community Development Office, headed by Ted Jopson, presided over the issuance of the Certificate of Confirmation.

IN PHOTOS. 100 Certificate of Award was distributed yesterday , Nov. 11, 2021 to beneficiaries of GMA Kapuso...

Posted by TACLOBAN City Housing & Community Development Office on Thursday, November 11, 2021

The 100 families who received confirmation certificates were reminded not to sell their homes or land in the future.

GMA Kapuso Village housing, provided by the GMA Kapuso Foundation, is built on land owned by the City government—and boasts the largest lot area in Tacloban North, at 32 square meters, according to Jopson.

The beneficiaries will not be charged any fees as the City government of Tacloban will handle it as ordered by City Mayor Alfred Romualdez. —Tacloban News Update (Source: Tacloban-CIO/Tacloban City Housing)

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