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MYTH VS. FACT: Are COVID-19 vaccines dangerous for pregnant women?

MYTH VS. FACT: Are COVID-19 vaccines dangerous for pregnant women?

Many people are concerned about whether it is safe for pregnant women to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. As well as breastfeeding or planning to conceive and whether or not it will impact them.

The World Health Organization (WHO) already clarified this in a series of publications. They stated that people who are menstruating, pregnant, trying to become pregnant, or breastfeeding may receive COVID-19 vaccines that have been approved for use by their organization.

COVID-19 vaccines do not cause fertility problems in either men or women, according to the organization, which also stated that there is no evidence to suggest that the COVID-19 vaccine has any effect on the reproductive organs.

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Posted by World Health Organization Philippines on Friday, September 17, 2021

The World Health Organization (WHO) addressed and explained the following concerns to shed light on the effects of the COVID-19 vaccine on this specific group. You can read about the myth as well as the facts in the sections that follow.


MYTH: You can get a COVID-19 vaccine if you are pregnant or planning to get pregnant. 

FACT: Due to the increased risk of severe COVID-19 illness in pregnant women, the benefits of getting vaccinated outweigh the risks of not getting vaccinated. Make an appointment with your healthcare provider to discuss getting the COVID-19 vaccine.


MYTH: You can get a COVID-19 vaccine when you are breastfeeding. 

FACT: The procedure is entirely safe for both you and your child, and it may even protect your child through antibodies in breast milk.

It is not recommended that you discontinue breastfeeding due to the COVID-19 vaccination. Breastfeeding is essential for the health of both you and your child.


MYTH: You can get a COVID-19 vaccine when you're on your period. 

FACT: There is no evidence that the COVID-19 vaccine has a negative impact on menstrual cycles. The period has no effect on the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines. A vaccine can be administered at any point during a person's menstrual cycle.

Since the World Health Organization has already addressed these concerns about COVID-19 vaccination for pregnant women and those who wish to become pregnant, we should refrain from engaging in speculations.

Instead, place your trust in medical professionals because they are the ones who are most knowledgeable about vaccines and the effects they have on our bodies.—iTacloban

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