Free iftar meals being given to Muslim community in Tacloban City

Free iftar meals being given to Muslim community in Tacloban City

(Photo by Elsa Orbeta.)

TACLOBAN CITY — Free "iftar" meals are being given to the Muslim community in Tacloban City as part of the observation of Ramadan, April 13 to May 12. The food-giving project is organized by Faye Detuyato Kho together with her team, and her long-time Christian friend, Elsa Orbeta. 

Orbeta told, "Ini nga amun project ginhihimo kada Ramadan. Intention namon an matagan hin bisan maguti nga kalipay an aton kabugtuan an mga Muslim. An Ramadan o fasting month [hit mga Muslim] kay importante nga bulan ha ira. (This project of ours is being done every Ramadan. Our intention is to give to our Muslim brothers and sisters since Ramadan or their fasting month is very important to them."

"Malipay ako nga makabulig gehap ha ira ha panahon han Ramadan. Tinuod nga pagbulig ha bisan ano nga relihiyon an pinaka maupay buhaton [hit] nga tanan. I pray nga damu liwat it maiinspire ha ira own way, TO HELP HUMANITY, (I'm very happy that I can help them in time of Ramadan. To genuinely help other religion is [one of] the best things to do. I hope a lot of people will be inspired in their own way, to help humanity. " she added.

Iftar, according to Wikipedia, is the evening meal in which Muslims end their daily Ramadan fast at sunset. They break their fast at the time of the call to prayer for the evening prayer. It is their second meal of the day; the daily fast during Ramadan begins immediately after the pre-dawn meal of suhur and continues during the daylight hours, ending with sunset with the evening meal of iftar.

The pantries set up by Kho and Orbeta's team to help our brothers and sisters of the Muslim faith are located in Downtown Tacloban, Naga-Naga Mosque, and Divisoria, Nulatula, Tacloban City.
Since the start of the month, many pantries such have been opened by local organizations in different localities. In Tacloban City alone, there are two to ten community pantries that have been activated by different institutions, community groups, and individuals who want to help the people in need.— Tacloban News Update

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