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Employees of Schistosomiasis Hospital in Palo received Covid-19 vaccine

Employees of Schistosomiasis Hospital in Palo received Covid-19 vaccine

(Dr. Alexander Capoquian (center), Dr. Jocelyn Seneca-Reynera (left), and Dr. Jeanie-vie Granados (right), simultaneously received first the Covid-19 Vaccination in Schistomiasis Hospital in Palo, Leyte. Photo by Schistomiasis Hospital)

TACLOBAN CITY - The Schistosomiasis Hospital in Palo, Leyte started the COVID-19 vaccination for its employees today, March 8.

100 doses of the Covid-19 vaccines were delivered today for the first day of the "Covid-19 Vaccination Program". A total of 420 Healthcare Workers from Schistosomiasis Hospital are expected to be vaccinated in 3 days starting March 8 up to March 10, 2021.

According to Dr. Janice Capoquian, Infection Control Committee Chairman of Schistosomiasis Hospital, of the total 534 employees of their hospital, 420 of them are eligible to be injected with the Chinese-made vaccine Sinovac that arrived in the region last week.

Three doctors simultaneously received first the vaccine among the many healthcare workers of the institution.

Dr. Alexander Capoquian (Medical Officer III- Head, Department of Surgery), Dr. Jocelyn Seneca-Reynera (Medical Specialist II-Department of Pediatrics), and Dr. Jeanie-vie Granados (Medical Officer III-Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology), simultaneously received first the Covid-19 Vaccination. 
There are still some employees who refused to get the Sinovac vaccine because they are still waiting for another type or brand of vaccine that they would like to inject into them.

Today, up to 100 employees of the hospital have been vaccinated.

In order to facilitate the vaccination rollout at the hospital, the Outpatient department-maternal and neonatal care unit has been temporarily closed from today until March 10. Tacloban News Update with information from Schistosomiasis Hospital

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