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Red tide alert still up in 11 Eastern Visayas bays

Red tide alert still up in 11 Eastern Visayas bays

(Photo from BFAR-8 Official Facebook Page)

TACLOBAN CITY —  Eleven (11) bays in Eastern Visayas are still affected by red tide infestations as the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) raised a warning against the consumption of shellfish meat taken from these areas.

Based on the laboratory results of the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) and Local Government Units (LGUs) shellfish samples collected from these areas are POSITIVE for paralytic shellfish poison that is beyond the regulatory limit.

BFAR identified red tide contamination in the following areas:

1. Coastal Waters of Zumarraga, Samar
2. Coastal Waters of Calubian, Leyte
3. Coastal Waters of Leyte, Leyte
4. Cancabato Bay (Tacloban City)
5. Coastal Waters of Biliran Islands
6. Coastal Waters of Guiuan, Eastern Samar
7. Coastal Waters of Daram (Daram, Samar)
8. Cambatutay Bay (Tarangnan, Samar)
9. Matarinao Bay (General MacArthur, Hernani, Quinapondan, and Salcedo in Eastern Samar)
10. Carigara Bay (Babatngon, San Miguel, Barugo, Carigara and Capoocan in Leyte) 
11. San Pedro Bay (Basey, Samar)

All types of shellfish and Acetes sp. locally known as "Alamang or Hipon" gathered from the said areas are NOT SAFE for human consumption. 

Fish, squid, crab, and shrimp are safe to eat provided that all entrails are removed and washed thoroughly with running water before cooking. iTacloban (Source: BFAR-8)

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