No lovelife? Kissing stone in South Cotabato will give you one

No lovelife? Kissing stone in South Cotabato will give you one

(Photo from T'boli Tourism Office)

VIRAL — In South Cotabato, Philippines, a stone is believed a stone is believed to grant your wishes of having a lovelife after kissing it. The kissing stone is not your usual tourist spot since it is a mystical rock and tourists have flocked it ever since hearing the news.

It is located on Lake Holon in T'boli, South Cotabato. Tribes living near Lake Holon believe that their gods or "guardians" live in the lake, so the place is miraculous and people's wishes of finding their "the one" will be granted.

According to T’Boli tourism officer Rodel Hilado, the “mystical” nature of the rock is the reason for the increase in the number of tourists visiting.

"The travelers wishes and kisses the stone in relation to our gods and guardians in the lake," Hidalgo explained.

For some, it is not just a legend because some people said they found their "forever" after kissing the stone.

One of them is online seller Glenox Sabacan. According to Glenox, she has not been able to move on from her ex for two years, so she focused on traveling until she reached Lake Holon. That was supposed to be her first trekked at took it as a sign of moving on. As a result, Glenox kissed the stone and three months later she met her boyfriend. Now, they're four years into their relationship.

Meanwhile, John Mark Española found the kissing stone due to an outreach climb a few years ago. He said he was single for four years, but only a week after kissing the rock he met his girlfriend now.

John Mark added, "We already know the story of the rock [when I went there], nothing will be lost if I try to [kiss] as well." iTacloban (Source: GMA News, Unang Hirit)

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