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140 kilograms of pork seized, buried in Tacloban City

140 kilograms of pork seized, buried in Tacloban City

(Photo by Tacloban CIO)

TACLOBAN CITY — One-hundred forty kilograms of pork was seized at an entry point in Basper area, Tacloban City last week by local authorities.

At the Tacloban City Slaughter House compound, the meat was buried and poured with petroleum when it was covered, said Dr. Eunice J. Alcantara, City Veterinarian of Tacloban.

According to Dr. Alcantara, the City government of Tacloban has tightened its control measures through the City Veterinary Office at the entry points of Tacloban City to prevent the entry of pork, as well as live pigs from other areas to avoid the African Swine Fever (ASF).

These recovered meats are from the Sta. Fe, Leyte, a town not yet affected by ASF. But according to Dr. Alcantara, they considered the seized pork a“hot meat”  due to a lack of appropriate documents.

In addition, Alcantara urged the public to be vigilant, to report to barangay officials or local authorities for any suspicious activities concerning meat products so that Tacloban remains an ASF-free city. Tacloban News Update (with reports from Tacloban-CIO)

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