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NPA leader and 2 others surrendered to PNP, yield firearms

NPA leader and 2 others surrendered to PNP, yield firearms

(Photo from Police Regional Office-8.)

TACLOBAN - Three alleged members of the Communist Terrorist Group-New People’s Army (CPP-NPA) and Militia ng Bayan surrendered to Philippine National Police.

The said communist rebels submitted to the elements of 1st Leyte Provincial Mobile Force Company led by PLTCOL Frederick G Senal, Force Commander, under the direct supervision of PCOL Rodelio Samson, Provincial Director, Leyte PPO, were formally presented to PRO 8 Regional Director Ronaldo De Jesus on Saturday afternoon, December 26, 2020.

The surrenderers were identified as 1) "Ka Joseph;" Former Commanding Officer of Regional Unified Command (RUC); former Commanding Officer of Regional Guerilla Unit (RGU) under Efren Martinez Command, former Finance Officer and MEDIC of Banog Platoon Front Guerilla Unit (FGU), former Squad Leader and Platoon Leader of Hamomoong Platoon Front Guerilla Unit (FGU); and recently designated as Pokot Paniktik (Intel Monitoring); 2) “Ka Jay” and 3) "Ka Mateo" both member of Barangay Organisasyon sa Partido (BOP) and Militia ng Bayan under Buhawi Platoon, Amandawin Command.

They also surrendered several firearms and grenades namely: one (1) shotgun with two (2) ammunition; three (3) revolvers with ten (10) cal.38 ammunition; one (1) cal.45 with one (1) magazine and ammunition and 11 9mm ammunition; and three (3) rifle grenades. 

PRO 8 Regional Director Ronaldo De Jesus on the other hand, once again called on the rebels to return to the side of the government and enjoy programs and benefits for a prosperous life together with their community. iTacloban with excerpts from An Rehiyon Ocho Yana

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