VIRAL: “Not singularity anymore,” Miss Everything of Calbayog City founds her soulmate

(Screengrab from Tiktok)

NOT SINGULARITY ANYMORE - Internet viral sensation Miss Everything, from Calbayog City, finally found her soulmate through Oliver Thomson who is also wearing the same esports jersey in their viral video.

She wowed her avid followers after sharing a sweet moment with Oliver, one commenter said: “Miss everything has now everything.”

Watch the sweet viral video here:


NXP Sweatfullness🥰😘😂with punching bag 😂😂@_oliver.thomson

♬ One Time Challenge - KarlLimpin 👽
Currently, she has more than 3 million followers in Tiktok and she have been interviewed by big media networks such as GMA and ABS-CBN. 

In an interview, Camata shared about her personal life and said that it was her lola or grandmother who raised her after her father died and her mom left for another family.

After graduating from Grade 12, she stopped studying to support her younger sibling by providing a daily allowance.

Eventhough she had a hard time in life, Camata said that she's always trying to be positive no matter how hard the situatuon is. iTacloban

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