Doctor in Tacloban City victimized by an online scam

Doctor in Tacloban City victimized by an online scam

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TACLOBAN CITY — A doctor in Tacloban City lost a large sum of money when he tried to buy an item online.

According to a police report by Abucay PNP, the victim, Dr Perez (not his real name) who works in a private hospital, attempted to buy an iPod Pro from an online seller who calls himself Kyle Gonzales Chang but scammed.

Perez, 31 years old, said that he agreed on the price of twenty-five thousand pesos (P25,000), then immediately sent the money through a remittance centre after trusting Chang's words to ship the product right away.

Chang from Cotabato City confirmed that he had received the payment on November 21 and vowed that the gadget would arrive in two days.

The victim waited for the product to arrive on November 23, but it did not happen. Suspecting that it might be a scam, he called the suspect over the phone, but the number was already unreachable.

He also tried to contact Chang on Facebook Messenger but the suspect already "blocked" him.

As a result of these unfortunate circumstances, the doctor asked for the help of the PNP Anti-Cybercrime Unit to investigate the said incident. iTacloban 

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