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Beneficiaries of unoccupied “Yolanda” housing units face eviction

Beneficiaries of unoccupied “Yolanda” housing units face eviction

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TACLOBAN CITY -- The Local Housing Board, chaired by Tacloban City Mayor Alfred Romualdez, will convene next week to decide on the confiscation of 500 housing units in North Tacloban due to unoccupancy.

This is according to Mr. Ted Jopson, head of the City Housing and Community Development Office (CHCDO) after clarifying some issues that affect the said housing projects.

Jopson clarified that since the past few years, they continued their work of monitoring and validating complaints on various housing projects. 

So far, they have discovered 500 absentee owners- who are not occupying the units that were awarded to them.

They also discovered that there are beneficiaries who did not know that they have been awarded a housing unit because they stayed in their locale post-Yolanda.

He added that Mayor Alfred S. Romualdez already suggested to confiscate these houses and give them to eligible beneficiaries.

The City Housing head also said that these problems started when National Housing Authority (NHA) was still in charge, and, now that Tacloban LGU administrates the housing project, Mayor Romualdez wants people to occupy the units in North Tacloban.

As of now, only 500 absentee owners were discovered and based on their monitoring, there are more than 2,000 units that might be unoccupied.

Jopson clarified that they will not immediately confiscate the housing unit, instead, they will send a notice first to the beneficiary and let him/her explain on the matter. Once decided, the City Housing will either revoke or re-award the unit to the beneficiary. iTacloban (with excerpts from Tacloban-CIO)

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